View Full Version : Few suggestions...

03-19-2016, 06:57 PM
First thing: Thank you for bringing beta to consoles!
I was playing it for few hours and I think that there are some aspects that could've use an improvement, such as...

- Rear camera on down right stick, not down d-pad (or both)

- Valley cars - they are really unpleasant to drive...

- Informations about our vs. world/region record at the race-ending screen

- Few more countdown languages would be great!

- 2D trees are looking really lame...

- Crashes at 400 km/h should be more "brutal", I guess... after all, you'll have to restart the race anyway, so why not see our wheels flying?

- Maybe some dirt effects on the cars after driving through the mud etc.?

Otherwise... this game is gold!