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03-19-2016, 01:06 AM
So I've written a few articles on my blog, I thought I'd share my thoughts on the level up in The Division. Tell me what your guy's thoughts are!

So The Division has been rocking the sales records.

I believe it's success is down to something I mentioned in my previous article. It's fresh. A combo of Third Person Shooter, modern/realistic setting with RPG mechanics. TCTD fills a void in the marketplace, there is really no other game that feels the same. While the game isn't perfect, Ubisoft Massive are committed to supporting and improving the game, which has been shown by a series of fast fixes that have been rolled out.

I've been playing the game at a moderate clip, trying not to rush through the game and soaking up the nuances and atmosphere as much as I can on my road to the level cap.

This game has not felt like a grind, despite people often mentioning they have had to 'grind out' certain aspects, credits, DZ level etc. Why? Well, I think there's a few reasons.

Massive have done an outstanding job in creating a realistic and moody atmosphere, the city feels desperate, isolated and cold and I'd say it is absolutely worth investing time exploring the corners and details of this living breathing monstrosity. If you race through it too fast, you will miss the glorious attention to detail which Massive have clearly spent painstaking hours on. Granted, some of it is repetitive, you'll hear the NPC's call out the same things, or see the same desperate civilian looking for handouts.

But there are so many hidden nooks with hidden loot, abandoned rooms that paint a picture of life before the virus outbreak. Then there are the 'Echoes', 'Security' vids, cellphone calls which all paint a grizzly picture of the events leading up to, during and after the epidemic. I've lost count the number of times I've cringed or my stomach knots at the violence and desperation of the time. Undoubtedly one of the most authentic experiences I've encountered in gaming.

The 'grindy' feel is also muted because of the addictive gameplay mechanics and group options. In many RPGs you find yourself moving through the story alone or leveling by yourself, and in MMO's this is often the case as people run around solo only to group for 'instances' or 'group' quests.

But in TCTD, grouping is encouraged at all times, you can group for anything from free roaming and side missions, to the main story missions and Dark Zone events. While this is true in traditional MMO's, it's a lot more accessible in TCTD thanks to the matchmaking feature and also the ease of in-game communication. I've been playing with a couple of friends, mostly in with two of us at a time and once in a while with 3 or four if we're all on. The NPC scaling also encourages grouping with friends who are lower or higher levels than you.

It's of course personal preference and play-style. But I've really enjoyed playing the game with friends, talking about the various stories, the visceral images and moments of the game and talking tactics in various encounters which combined with the customizable builds makes the game that much more enjoyable.

It's for all these reasons that the journey to the level cap hasn't once felt like a chore for me personall and it's also part of the reason TCTD is charging to a successful franchise opening and scoring positive reviews. With continued support from Ubisoft Massive, TCTD will become and remain a classic co-op experience. What do you think? How has your TCTD leveling experience been?

03-19-2016, 07:06 PM
snip I

you are right until one point : the dark zone. you litterally have to kill a thousands of mobs who drop things you will never use in order to get the last blueprints of your lv 31 yellow gear, they are hidden behind a level 50 mandatory grind, because phenix tokens and division tech were apparently not enough.

i am level 40 in the dz i need 24k xp for a level. each mob gives you 195 to 205 xp (xping in the lv 32 dz is quite stupid imho, and so not worth the risk.unless you have an extreme amount of scavenging stat and a good rng, and still like that, it's not worth it.) 120 mobs per levels. groups of 4 to 10 mobs per spawn. 5mn to clear a point. useless to say :

this is Korean grinding. nothing more.

farming challenge mode is quite ok, it's fun, unfair but fun. the reward is absolutely not proportional of the effort, but still, it's fun.

dark zone is absolutely not imho.

the only way we finally had fun is by using dishonourable techniques to turn people rogue and killing them (a lonely rank 5 rogue surrounded by a neuter group block LoS, turning the people rogue, then taunting them verbally.. sigh ... it was pathetic. )
it unleashed a massive hate wave, we finished with a group of 4 level 5 renegade chased by at least 8 guys. we managed to survive and yeah, it was awesome.

but the plottwist is :

you do not gain xp from killing people when you are rogue. haha. and we looted absolutely nothing but that was expected anyway.

03-20-2016, 04:39 AM
For sure the DZ rank does take time, but from my experience so far it moves pretty fast when you're in a group.

There's no question that it can get repetitive but I think one of the reasons it doesn't feel grindy for me is the group play. I hit DZ 30 pretty quick without really straining. I'll come back with an update once the journey to 50 starts and see how it goes lol

But solo, for sure that would probably feel like a long road.

03-23-2016, 11:27 AM
It kind of felt like a grind at the start... but now I am (only) at level 24-11 and I actually want to slow down the PVE EXP for a while so I dont level to fast anymore :P. Actually doing stuff that give me less EXP now hehe.