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03-18-2016, 04:14 PM
Hello everyone, I decided to be the medic of our group, my attributes are 110k dps 80k health and 30k skill power, I know I'm the medic so DPS doesn't really bother me all to much but when i'm just messing around in a group of 2 I feel as though I am doing no damage what so ever, As a medic I know my DPS is more of a supportive damage than anything so my question is, should I be more focused on weapons with more of a core base damage than DPS or should I just not even worry about this, it just kinda sucks having to spend a entire magazine on a enemy to kill it ( depending on how far away I am ) compared to others in my group where a few burst shots and a target is dead

My main weapons are (depending on situation) vector 45 / sniper for dark or vector 45 / m4

I think i made a mistake getting the vector 45, I know i should of got the AK or something because im supposed to be farther back, but i just like its accuracy.... i guess I can get both and be a situational exchange.

so I'm really just looking to see if my stats are up to par with stuff and if it is normal for that dps to take awhile to kill something really. all in all really digging medic and really loving this game!

03-20-2016, 08:57 AM
Ive become a Vector fan with rate of fire/mag size increase, Stability/Accuracy increase, Headshot Damage/ Crit Hit chance increase mods, and the One is None perk (return headshots to the mag) the One is None perk makes it feel like I have 50-60 even 70 bullets sometimes before reloading. I stack headshot OR crit damage to offset a lower base dmg roll, OR you can add Weapon Damage via a Mod and ignore 10-15k DPS. Im used to AR's and higher clip sizes, so if a smaller clip and slower rate of fire works for you, I'd probably go for the base weapon damage increase and ignore your tool tip, focus on buffing your crit/dmg and the vector can work real well. I use the LVOA-C sold in the first week which is still the best AR I've used so far even @ level 30, but the Vector is nice if you get good rolls on it via the blueprint. I usually run 3 medic perks, and One is None when I use the vector, I have someone else run the revives in place so I can have atleast one perk to help me in the fight.

03-21-2016, 12:46 AM
I am currently sitting at 2k-2k-2,4k (150k DPS, 60k HP, 24k SP)

Two weapons both with on kill reduce skill CD by 8.5%.

Personally I think this is decent set up for a medic, I'm not supposed to be frontline so theres no need for a high health pool and with a slight drop in SP I can sit comfortably in the back killing targets with a high dps. Use the Medkit group heal talent as well. People only really need to be revived via support station and if it really goes bad I just use my Sig. I also use pulse to increase dps of the entire team.

I tried using all medical skills but its just overkill 80% of the time, so I use pulse aswell to aid the team with dps and keeping track of the enemy flankers.