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03-18-2016, 11:28 AM
This weekend, race in Trackmania Turbo during the Open Beta on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One!

The Open Beta will start Friday March 18th at 1PM GMT and will last until Monday 21st at 1PM GMT. It will feature several tracks from the campaign, the online racing mode, and the Trackbuilder!*

Want to discover the community tracks? Access the Trackmania Turbo Center on the web to share community creations such as tracks, game rooms and challenges with your friends and the rest of the community.


You can now download the Open Beta on: Download the game now on PlayStation 4 (https://store.playstation.com/#!/cid=EP0001-CUSA04578_00-TRACKMANIA001B01) or Xbox One (https://store.xbox.com/Xbox-One/Games/Trackmania-beta/f75cfd92-6b42-4d3a-b398-1478d6de0300)

Also, donít be afraid to give your best on the Open Beta: all your scores and tracks will be available at launch!
This is your last chance to play the game before the release so please feel free to share your feedback on the forums!

*A Playstation Plus and Xbox Live Gold membership is required to access some of the features

03-19-2016, 01:08 AM
Niceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ;)

03-20-2016, 10:55 AM
Firstly this is a fantastic game I couldn't wait for it to be released so this Beta was a great surprise.
I have been playing the older PC games which simply got better and crazier over time.
I am making this list of pros and cons to give you feedback to help refine and tighten up the fun factor.

- Fun factor high
- Easy to get into simple controls
- Fast smooth frame rate
- Ultra Fast restarts
- Tracks have a thumbnails
- Great design very colourful reminds me of Daytona USA and other Sega games
- Nice countdown in different languages keeps it fresh every time, small touch but it adds up
- Automatic camera from outside to inside when looping this could be a con for some make it an option
- Great price that everyone should be able to pick up and have fun

- Control on most cars feels digital, adjustment to the sensitivity needs to take place as the speed increases
make the rate of turn decrease, when the cars slows down increase the turn rate.
A 4 tier sensitivity could be implemented say up to 100kph you can turn maximum sharply above 100-200kph
it turns less sharply, less and less for 200-300 and 300-400+kph respectively, there should be a smooth transition
from one tier to the next.
- Freezing issue when crossing the finish line in multi lap race (yes I have read the reply about installing it to the internal drive)
this still needs to be fixed I will never get gold when the screen freezes every time.
- The Following tracks are problematic with numerous debris on the edge of the track that
are too easy to snag on etc


Canyon Grand Drift Track #2, #3, #4, #5
These are some of the best experiences I have found fast and smooth exactly what I was looking for, getting into
the correct lane anticipating the turn and knowing when to corner and when to drift, knowing to keep to the right after
the finish line on Track #5 so you don't fly over the boost.
Excellent work I think using this car most other tracks would suddenly make them more fun.

Down and Dirty Valley #15 Track
No fun the debris on the side of the track and the handling of the vehicle combination make it difficult to keep the car
straight with the soft road and debris causing you to crash.

Roller coaster Lagoon White Series #23 Track
Coming out to the tunnel the sand part gets bumpy and you can easily bounce into the blocks left and right
I do not know how I managed to get gold more luck than anything.

Roller coaster Lagoon White Series #24 Track
This track has a zero fun factor relying more on luck than skill, I have no idea how you are suppose to complete
the track on silver let alone at gold, it turns into a pinball simulator you hit so many things on the edge of
the road that initiate you to bounce around. Bounce bounce tree, bounce bounce rock, bounce bounce water
you never get into the zone.

Roller coaster Lagoon White Series #25 Track
This is brutal I am not even able to get silver the combination of the track and the controls make this too difficult
just to complete.

International Stadium White Series Track #33 Track
Not sure if the turning engine off challenge is good or not yet, the columns in the middle of the road are simply not
good for this stage they were ok.

International Stadium White Series Track #34 Track
Fun factor ZERO! COLUMNS in the middle of the road this is seriously cheap, think about it F1 regulations would never
allow this, I can see nothing but frustration by placing nonsensical obstacles on the track.

International Stadium White Series Track #35 Track
The Russian dolls on the track are almost as cheap as the columns but do offer a little challenge.
They could be a benefit if you hit these inflatable dolls they could bounce you onto the track the right way.


Canyon Grand Drift CAR
This is very close to the fun I was expecting a little refinement with the speed as mentioned above and this could be
fantastic, well done.

Down And Dirty Valley CAR
This is so twitchy it is as though there are only two options straight or turning sharp, it is so difficult to keep the car
straight on dirt or tarmac the car doesn't drift too well.

Roller coaster Lagoon White Series CAR
This car is better than the Down And Dirty Valley but both seem to control as though they are digital not analogue
I need to tap left, left, left then right, right, right to carefully adjust the direction with either cars on those sandy tracks.
Track #25 is brutal I can not even get silver.

International Stadium White Series CAR
Very positive this is like a F1 or Audi R8 it handles like it's on rails
On dirt this handles very well the type of handling I was expecting on the Down and Dirty Valley #15,
Roller coaster Lagoon White Series #24, #25 tracks.
There is no drifting for this car at all I was expecting this to be the ultimate drift machine to top the Canyon CAR
as it would have so much more power.
Are these cars suited for dirt tracks?

I figured out how to set up the lobby and having different playlists is good.
You should be able to manage these playlist edit, delete, copy (then edit variations of the copy)
I started a match with a friend but after the race it replayed the same track instead of moving onto
the next track I hope I was doing something wrong and that this is not normal.
I have no idea how you can efficiently tell 100 people to quit so you can start the next track.
There should be options to vote to replay track, previous track, next track or skip next track

- Will the cars be tied to the tracks or will we be able to freely choose any car and track?
- Will there be handicaps for private multiplayer online or splitscreen to even out the skills
and keep the race close.
A simple method could be to have a 1-10 advantage that could be given to a less capable player
deducting 1-10 seconds (suggested time needs to be fine tuned) from their time at the end of the race.

I am just looking to get into that high fun factor zone such as on the Canyon tracks,
placing cheap columns and bouncy castle obstacles in the way ruin the fun.

All in all I think you guys have done a great job and I can not wait to play this with my
friends at a party split screen.
I hope you apply some of my comments to truly make this a must have hit.

Thank you for your time I hope I have been constructive and detailed enough to help you.

Gamertag xSWx Roberthx

03-21-2016, 04:05 PM
The Open Beta is over and we would like to thank you all for your feedback \o/