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03-17-2016, 03:06 PM
So this board has made it abundantly clear that Assassin's Creed needs to stay as far away from the Division as possible. Propositions like multiplayer, always online, create-a-character, the overly-tedious gear system, etc. have all be met with overwhelming opposition, and I have full confidence that Ubisoft is fully receptive to the wants of their fans. (Isn't that right Ubisoft? Isn't it?)

There is, however, one area where the game could stand to learn from the Division.

The collectables.

1. Though there perhaps a bit too many, the amount of collectables are much more bearable than you'll find in any recent AC game.

2. The quality of the collectables. Each phone recording or ECHO you find in The Division is satisfying, adds something to the story and to the lore, and is overall rewarding. The problems therein lies with the realization that Ubisoft has been utterly terrified of adding anything to the narrative in recent games, resulting in the hilariously short-sighted decision to make each game stand on it's own as much as the fanbase would possibly let them get away with-but has resulted in a bunch of one-off games which each add their own new sci-fy element or device and has thus made the series more complex and convoluted than an ongoing story ever could.

3. The method. People have expressed on this board before that simply showing where each collectable is on the map results in there being no sense of exploration-and I empathize with that. However, the sheer tedium and boredom induced by having to collect the thousands of these pointless things littered across the map means that not knowing where they are would make it even worse. A solution? Other than the aforementioned point number 1, The Division's method of collectable reveal-ment is a solid system. Having a player do all the missions in an area and giving them time to explore, before revealing the location of every collectable once all the missions in the area are completed is a solid system, which allows you to have a sense of exploration and then have the means to complete it without having to go to the internet to avoid the tedium of searching. There is an inherent problem flaw with that-the Division's leveled districts means that once you complete an area in total then there is no reason to go back there at all, and that's a shame, but I'm not sure it would be an issue in an AC game.

The collectables have become a horrid and tenuous part of recent AC entries. Not to mention a bit lazy. Borrowing some concepts from The Division could benefit future AC titles in that particular regard.

03-17-2016, 06:19 PM
1) No generic collectibles at all. They are an abomination and drag down the overall quality of the game.

2) Generic loot spread out in the world in the form of valuable objects you can pick up if you wish and convert to cash (depending on economy/crafting system there may be other types of resources). These objects also serve to give more historical context. The loot is placed in sensible ways to add to immersion rather than detract from it (think Thief). They are in no way flagged on the map. Generic rewards for generic activities!

3) Gear (costumes, weapon etc) can not be purchased. Instead they are used as unique rewards for completing certain questlines, and exploration. For example you may find a dagger by exploring a palace. These are not flagged. However many 'special' buildings/locations will have some reward of this kind to make sure exploration is rewarded.

4) Bring back tombs. These high quality side missions are marked in some way and gives tangible rewards of some kind.

5) No lists whatsoever to tell you what percentage you have found/completed etc. If you find something, great! If not, don't worry about it. The 'you have found 4/212 of this generic crap that is in no way funny to get'- type of design needs to go burn in hell. The way FarCry/Wd etc do it by telling in advance what you will get when you hit various milestones is disgusting hamsterwheel design and has no place in AAA gaming.

(Just for clarity, some of the harsh wording is just for fun :). I'm not really that obstinate ;) ).

03-17-2016, 06:45 PM
Now that you've briefly mentioned it, they absolutely need to bring back having to go to a store to buy new gear. This buy from a menu and magically upload it to your character iis a bit ridiculous, and more importantly, it would go a long way into immersing yourself into the world once more.

London, for all it's beauty, was hollow. There was no reason to really go anywhere other than to get to a mission. Having stores which get us on ground level and allow us to interact with the world and feel like we are a part of it would help make it feel less hollow. They could also bring back things like playing games and bring back drinking in pubs. I don't drink in real life, but I sure did like to sit down and do it in AC, because it's a nice moment of peace where the music plays and conversations are heard in the background, and so on and so on. The game isn't just you running form one point to the next to eliminate your next target.

Nobody wants features that wear out their welcome, but having stuff like that and new things that actually allow us to connect with the world we are in rather than just look at a beautiful digital painting would go a long way in improving the games.

Anyways, that was just a tangent. I didn't intend for this to be just another "What do they need to do better? thread and wanted to streamline it a bit.

03-17-2016, 07:34 PM
I apologize for not really answering your post :(! I'm too caught up in my own mind sometimes lol. Have not played the Division, so I guess that's part of why I drifted away. Anyway here it goes.

1-2) Quality over quantity gets a def Yes from me! Either you should be able to use it directly (like you describe how it adds to the narratvie) or they should build up to some benefit in a very direct way (like the heart pieces in Zelda).

3) This sound better, but not enough for me. I think just dislike the concept of having a fixed set of fairly pointless collectibles to meet some threshold. It just suck the fun out of exploring for me and it gets you into this treadmill mindset which doesn't feel right. The way you describe from Division sounds like you can at least do a playthrough in peace which would ofc be valuable!

03-17-2016, 11:06 PM
Another "AC should be like this game" thread...:rolleyes: