View Full Version : Jack The Ripper Free Roam

03-17-2016, 02:01 AM
Hello I recently completed Jack The Ripper DLC and I love it everything from the detective parts to playing as Jack himself.
After Completing the DLC I really wanted to play as Jack again but to my dissapointment I realized I can't switch to him nor roam as him the only way to play as him was to replay one of his 3 missions.
I do understand the reasoning behind not being able to switch as him given that he's really disturbing nature but they're gamers out there who loved everything about him his scream style of fighting mutilate-assassination sense of humor voice.To me he sold the entire DLC not to mention the game itself.So that's why I am posting my oppinion in hopes of Ubisoft sees it and make Jack roamable

03-17-2016, 02:05 PM
I agree I thought it was odd it wasn't included.
I personally didn't enjoy playing as Jack. (the first scene had me gobsmacked on how brutal it was)
But its a shame that it wasn't an option as Evie and Jacob are easily switchable.

It also would of been nice to roam as Jack without his objectives harassing you every minute.:rolleyes: