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03-16-2016, 11:07 PM
I am an avid 1602 A.D. player, I have had the game since it first came out on CD. I've spent countless hours playing it with my family and friends and we have all loved it. I understand Ubisoft owns this game now, is that correct? It is incredibly hard to acquire it again, seeing as it is 18 years old this year. My main request is special one; would Ubisoft please release the source code for 1602 A.D.? I am a software developer involved in the open source community and I would like to work on fixing the problems of 1602.

There were several requests to Sunflower (the original developers of the game) to release the source code, most notably here (http://www.goneflowers.de/archive/index.php/t-3587.html), but they were ultimately denied. That was 7 years after the original release, after much of the hype over 1602 had died down. Now, at 18 years after the release, most of the people who will play it are playing for nostalgic reasons; fans who remember it as a good game that had a good play through for its time. I do appreciate that the game was made available on www.gog.com for general purchase and play, hopefully to bring people into the Anno world.

Many of the problems associated with the game would seem to be fairly easy to fix. The rudimentary path finding algorithms, while wonderful for the age it was developed, occasionally leave ships forever trying to pass each other and not succeeding because the other ship is in the way. Also, if the game disk is inserted and a battle scene occurs, the game will typically crash shortly after the cutscene has ended. Most notably, if a custom map is loaded into a multiplayer game, the non-host players will load an empty map and their games will crash. These are among the many problems I would hope to fix if given access to the source code.

One of the biggest challenges with the configuration of the game is that it was originally written in German, and translated after the fact. Much of the translation for the game was correct and the game appears to work smoothly, but going through the game's configuration files it is obvious that only the customer-visible portion of the game was translated. Having the configuration files translated and localized would make debugging the game far easier.

I have a deep respect for the Anno series. They have a fascinating and enthralling design coupled with an engaging and active player experience. 1602 was the start to an exciting series and overall was a very well done game with a great concept behind it. As with many other games, including Command and Conquer: Red Alert, Star Wars: Jedi Knight Jedi Outcast and Academy, Lemmings, and Prince of Persia, I request the release of the 1602 A.D. source code for the betterment of the game. I understand Ubisoft has contributed to the open source community by bringing Assassin's Creed: Pirates to the web in a thoroughly impressive interactive game. Please, continue the outstanding trend and release the source to Anno 1602 A.D.

Thank you so much for continuing to develop the Anno series!