View Full Version : My lower level pvp build and thoughts.

AWW Pitbull
03-16-2016, 05:47 PM
Hey, first of a bit about myself and the thoughts of mmopvp. I used to be a 'hardcore' pvper years gone and I used to love it now I look for a more casual pvp experience. The Division has a pvp mechanic though gives an element of tension and risk/reward factor I have not seen since my EVE days, all though not quite as severe. After I reached 30 however I was quite disappointed as I was leveling the dark zone was everything I thought it was going to be, some days I would go in and nobody would shoot at me others every person I saw shot at me and it made for a dramatic feel and I loved it, yet at 30 nobody myself included wants to go rouge to risk hours of grinding for very little gain. Dark zone matters aside I have started my fun level 14 pvp build and I am loving it.

Stealth Demolitions
The whole point of this build is high damage to a high area and to remain hidden until the optimal time to strike, I use it to ambush extractions and if your targets are quick enough to the rope you can generally kill 4 guys and loot>extract before the chopper leaves, my highest item extraction in numbers has been 20 so far with an inventory limit of 6 but I am aiming for that sweet 24.

Skills and skill mods
Your bread and butter skill is sticky bomb with the BFB mod with the goal to be cause maximum damage on your engage as possible making the clean up easy, your secondary skill is a comfort pick I go for pulse withe the scramble mod but if I am expecting a firefight I like to switch it with the base first aid skill my only signature skill is recovery link and I feel at this level not many people have a signature skill and its great to reset the field should you get engaged upon.

You only have access to one talent at level 14 and for this I have gone with chain reaction, with the whole point of the build being to ambush extraction points solo, that extra 40% damage ensures the opening shot will kill.

My gear grind is still in full swing but I am slowly getting there but swinging heavy into electronics with a mix of stamina and firearms at your discretion if you are dying too quickly then more stamina is needed, if you are lack luster on your weapon damage. the % sticky bomb damage and radius stats are your babies treasure them with love health and crit are good modifiers to look out for as well though.

SMG/Shotgun are my weapons of choice you want to be close to ensure your stickybomb is going where you want it to be and shotguns are great for finishing downed agents.