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03-14-2016, 11:07 PM
Hello community, hello ubisoft,

I just encountered a huge problem regarding uplay. I wanted to end my day with a nice round of Rainbow Six with a friend. Because of some reasons (probably my keyboard tricked me) I entered my password wrong several times so my account got suspended. Anyway the suspension message reads something like:
"Wait for some time OR reset your password via the link"
so I reset my password and re-entered in uplay. Still the same message. Again... still...
After some googling I found the following thread:

Here comes my question / suggestion:
Why do you use 1 hour of waiting time?
for security reasons something like 5 to 10 minutes would be absolutely enough (if you suppose someone uses brute force to find out passwords).

Why do you write "or reset your password" even though this does not work ?
Write it into the message that this does not lift up the suspension

Why dont you write about the waiting time and timer reset?
Suppose someone constantly logging in to the account every 30 minutes to check out when the ban is over. See my point ?

To put this in a nutshell:
I suggest to write all relevant info (stated above) to the suspension message and reduce the waiting time to 5-10 minutes (or anything lower than 1 hour)

Best regards,

p.s.: Why can I log into this forum account but not into my uplay account ??