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03-14-2016, 01:29 PM
how about we get that sort of thread starting. some tips are posted in some threads, but maybe we can get some sort of list together here.
Maybe also some stuff that the game doesn't explicitely tells you.
I will try to start with what i found useful.

- you can disable your deployed skills (like the support station) by pressing the assigned key again. this will cancel it and allow the cooldown to start. with the turret master mod this will also trigger the explosion.

- the ammo cache support station mod doesn't regen ammo but any reload triggered in it's radius will not consume ammo from your ammo reserves.

- something that is mentioned but somehow often missed: pressing up on the d-pad (no clue about the pc sorry) marks the enemy you are aiming at, holding it pressed will mark it and start a 5 second countdown.