View Full Version : Daily Challenge Mode - Russian Consulate

03-13-2016, 01:00 AM
After hours of continuous death and disappointment, my group and I have completed the Russian Consulate daily challenge. I have to say it was fun and very challenging.
However, there are two things I had a problem with. The range on the shotgunner AI's is ridiculous. In what world should a shutgun be able to hit for full damage as if it was a sniper rifle and 1-hit kill you? The other issue I have is the reward of the daily challenge. It is not very rewarding considering the amount of time and effort put into the mission. To be quite honest, you're better off farming high-end in the dark zone, as it is easier and more rewarding.

On the bright side, the challenge was fun and I would (and already have) ran it again smoother.

Here is what my PS4 captured on video for those who would like to watch:


A few strategies for these challenge missions:

Communication is definitely key here.
Luring enemies is a great strategy.
Teams should indicate specific support buffs and damage buffs to use
Shotgunners must be killed as fast as possible.
Shock turrets and flame thrower turrets come in handy for crowd control.
Seeker mines are a great option for safe damage.
Running out like Rambo should get you kicked from the instance by the group leader.
Designating an area of the map to call "homebase" is a good strategy to run back to when things get hectic. DO NOT BE AFRAID TO RUN AWAY!