View Full Version : PS4 Stuck in Echo, Counter not working bugs?

03-11-2016, 09:20 PM
Last night I experienced a couple of what I would consider minor bugs in Hell's Kitchen.

The first was an echo that displayed what was going on in a small clinic where what seemed to be a doctor and nurse working a a heart attack victim arguing about help coming. Somehow I got stuck in the corner behind the victim on the stretcher. Had to exit or fast travel to get out of there.

The second was I think a tech wing event in Hell's Kitchen, it is very close to the side quest where you go into the bus depot. Anyway, this event you are supposed to pick up and place 3 cases into a bigger container. I placed all 3 boxes but after the first that counting wasn't working correctly. Sure enough when I placed the second I had 1/3, and the last was 2/3.

I'll be trying them again when I get home from work today to see if they were just random chance or repeatable... in any case I wanted throw these out here just in case...