View Full Version : List of Initial Issues

03-11-2016, 03:35 PM
Loving the game so far but looking for some answers/input on a few pretty noteworthy bugs and general issues as follows:

One of my Agent Origins code rewards backpacks leveled to 70 Armor...but the other five will not follow suit even after deleting the 70 Armor scaled one. Put simply, the National Guard one I initially wore for 48hrs scaled up as I leveled, but now I cannot get the Police past the default 20 Armor value. Note that the 70 Armor value backpack still shows its new/scaled 70 Armor value on the Rewards Vendor after deleting it, which is cool and inspires confidence, so my issue remains that the others won't level up to me even after extensive use over last ~24hrs (stuck at 20 Armor value).
Confusing Rewards Vendor Dyanmics in General - for example the JTF rifle scaled slowly to keep up w/my leveling (although I've left it behind and switched to blues)...but how do Vendor Rewards with damage and/or armor values work in general as you level up? Too nebulous, needs Ubisoft Definitive Guide.
VX-1 Scope (12x) level 1 will not sell or delete, ever (default scope that comes w/many sniper rifles) - confirmed this is global and happening to everyone suddenly. Initially I had no problem selling them off or deconstructing.
Map dynamics are not always clear/consistent - map is a VERY powerful feature that could use a Definitive Guide (A-Z).
Custom skins and oftentimes even scopes will not render in PvE zones to other players (many sniper rifles on other players look like they have no scope and no custom skin when in fact they all do, mine also look bare/empty/default to them in return, confirmed).
Sometimes after 2nd or 3rd reload while in cover avatars will arbitrarily break cover and simply stand up (not due to enemy actions/skills).