View Full Version : Asia servers?

03-11-2016, 10:10 AM
Getting hammered with lag here in singapore - myself and my colleagues - we all have fiber connections as well. Spoke to a few agents in Malayaisia and it's very laggy there as well.

Are there dedicated asia servers?

03-12-2016, 01:06 PM
Not sure bro. I'm playing from Japan and I've been booted from the servers at least 2 times. I have fiber optic 100mb/s internet too...So that tells me there are likely no Asian servers unfortunately.

03-12-2016, 01:25 PM
Hey guys

There are in fact dedicated Asia servers. However, with the mass influx of players you might experience some lag, and perhaps even queuing.
You're not using any VPN's or programs like that, right?

03-13-2016, 09:23 AM
first 3 days of launch I was able to server hop to japan server by reconnecting a few times between japan and us server.

today I have been reconnecting the whole day and could only connect to the Sydney server. I tried using a japan vpn and still only managed to connect to the same Sydney datacenter.

really puts me off..

03-17-2016, 03:00 AM
Milkshakes how do you know you connect to the sydney server?Natchai - No, I am connected directly to the modem (turned firewall off, and no VPN).

03-23-2016, 01:44 PM
I have a site on this .ae service and it has too many bugs - http://tlt.ae/
Any ideas how to solve them? :confused: I would appreciate any advice...