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03-11-2016, 06:00 AM
A question regarding an E-sports and Competitive future, with this soon to be released game.

Naturally a solid fan base and substantial media interest along with company encouragement, is required to get something like this off the ground. As a competitive player myself with a particular interest in this title, a competitive scene would be an excellent idea in my opinion if not already implemented. Ranked ladder systems or leaderboards that progress a skilled player into a higher bracket of competitive match could promote a sub-audience with a more than casual playstyle or interest. Therefore promoting a competitive drive and an emotional driven connection through a select professional audience braodcasted over media streaming sites such as Twitch.tv or any Public Competitions or Tornament streams.

However if a ranking system has already been in development from the get go, I would like to suggest a competitive game type such as 'Faction Wars' or something along the lines as such. Seeing as a player can only play as a single faction through the course of a single game, myself being unaware if it is a decision on the players part or predetermined to choose a faction before a match they wish to play as. This 'Faction Wars' or ranked system assigns a player to a chosen faction from introduction, a selection of faction that specific account will permanently play in a ranked setting. Upon the ranking scenario the player will then always be paired with another squad with the same interest of that chosen faction, whether it being the samurai, viking or knight.

From there, an individual score of a single player is accounted for through an ever changing win/loss ratio which will accumulate a ranked 'score'. The same mechanic will also be identical to a community 'score' which is determined from the amount of wins or losses acquired from each of the three particular factions, each of which is played competitive community online setting. As the same for a single, competitive player, providing an individual score on a ranked ladder which would progress that individual either up or down in ranking, however on a separate leaderboard a community score will result in correlation to the success of each faction that of which will also be forever changing and fluctuating.

A little bit of rivalry never hurt anyone.

03-13-2016, 04:02 PM
So, I really like what you had to say about this conceptual ranked gameplay style. Allowing players to be ranked within their own faction as well as the entire faction against the other factions. That would allow for the greatest warriors of each faction to be known and competitive. However, ranking the three factions against each other also causes a problem for the For Honor team if they decide to add any new factions later on. You essentially then have a brand new faction with a perfect 0/0 rating against preexisting factions. I would however like to see 1v1 Duel type ranking system as well. With that sort of system players can compete not only within their own factions but across factions for title of Greatest warrior period.