View Full Version : Open letter to Ubi Soft

03-11-2016, 04:02 AM
I have avoided your games for the simple reason that I do not like your DRM. A while ago I purchased From Dust via the Humble Bundle and it sat on my steam Library unplayed. Hearing how good of a game it was I finally decided to give it a try. This is my experience.

First I downloaded the game onto steam once finished I found that I had to go onto Uplay. Downloading Uplay I watched the game update and then received an unexpected error and the game could not be launched. Searching the forums I was told to reinstall and download Uplay again, so I did two other times before the game finally launched. Once it launched I was greeted to an opening cut-scene of a beautiful desert landscape... that did not end. I alt tabbed out and once again hit the forums, only to discover that the server's where trying to verify that I purchased the game.

This verification limbo lasted over an hour. I made dinner, took my dog for a walk, and left From Dust sitting on their verification screen. At the time I write this steam states that I have been "playing" From Dust for 85 minutes. That is unacceptable. I purchased this game, I did not pirate it; however why am I being treated like a criminal? Why the need for a double verification. Steam is already verifying my purchase, the Humble Bundle people also gave me a verification code, which I entered. Yet still the game itself will not run because of your server error.

I understand that piracy is a problem in the PC market, yet your response to it is unacceptable. There is no need for multiple verifications on different platforms, there is no need for the game, which is already being verified through both your Uplay network and Steam to once again verify the integrity of my purchase through its own system. Piracy should not be easier than purchasing ever.

I honestly am a fan of your work Ubisoft. I think you make fantastic games, and I own several of your games through console. Now I am not sure if I will purchase another. I think you are loosing far more of your customer base with your practices to piracy, than you would if your games were DRM free.

As a consumer I want to be able to use my purchase, already PC gamer's cannot return their purchase, already we have to use clients such as Steam or Uplay to play our games. Why must we jump through more hoops? Indie games or GoG use no DRM yet their profits are high. The witcher 3, sold wonderfully on PC and had no DRM, yet a small game like from Dust has three verifications?

Please fix your DRM system, please make me a consumer not feel punished for buying your product. The pirates should not have an easier time playing games they stole, than legal customer's.

This entire experience has left a bad taste in my mouth for your products and I honestly believe you might have lost a customer.