View Full Version : A few bugs in the release version

Caput Mortis
03-10-2016, 10:25 PM
Or at least the ones I have spotted so far.

1. Setting a way point on a lootable item doesn't then highlight it in the HUD in 3rd Person View. You have to select off of it and back on a few times for it to stick and show up
2. Lootable items showing on map that aren't lootable, in some cases this is because they may have already been looted
3. Friends list in Party selection screen keeps scrolling and jumping as well as alternating friends in list between online and off line
4. In the Brooklyn Safe house when using the restock it would go through the animation but not actually restock. Quitting the game and restarting appeared to fix this as everything was restocked once I logged back in
5. Unreachable Lootable item in bottom right of Brooklyn Map. shows on the map and can be highlighted in the HUD (eventually see item 1 above) but I spent some considerable time trying to find a way into the building, from both sides, with no success
6. In the Subway morgue mission a downed Cleaner went into a crouch animation rather than appearing as a corpse. There was no health bar above him, no hostile marker on the map and shooting him had no effect but he just kept crouching behind cover
7. Friends dont appear to be able to join the group if you are in a safe house they haven't discovered yet. Not sure if this is intentional or not though

Will add any more I find once I can log back in ;)