View Full Version : Matchmaking error.

03-10-2016, 09:41 PM
The game is awesome but there are so many glitches, bugs and server problems that its worst than a piece of ****. Worst than Siege's servers.

I am really sure now that Ubisoft does NOT give a **** about any of us.

I tried over 20 times to get into a dungeon with random people over matchmaking and it gives me an error and kicks me out of the game, and i have to wait forever to get back in because of the ****ing unskipable intros and that miserable ****.

Can i properly play the god damn game now ?

Even if they fix this problem just listen to me and stay away from ubisoft. Its garbage.

A blizzard game in pre-alpha is more finished than a finished product from ubisoft after 1 year of updates and ,,fixes''.

Conclusion ? ****....you.