View Full Version : Material Conversion

03-10-2016, 11:33 AM
As it is now, you can convert 5 lesser materials into one rarer, 5 greens to 1 blue. After each conversion you are shown a new window telling you you just created a new blue.(or purple or yellow) You then have to press the back bubtton to get back and convert another one. This is kinda frustrating when you have lots to convert, and quite frankly a very poor design.

What I'd like to see in crafting;
- Let us choose the amount of resources we want to convert, maybe with an option set to max possible?
- An option to filter the blueprints, for example filter by lvl. In time the blueprintlist will get quite long.

If these options are already in the game and I've missed them, please tell me where and how to find it and disregard this post. :)