View Full Version : Bug: Gear Vendor comparing to secondary weapon DPS not primary

03-10-2016, 10:14 AM
First bug I've seen that really does need to be addressed. Check out the two photos. Both are looking at the same item at he Gear Vendor.
One was when I was holding my primary weapon (DPS 3420) and the other was when I was holding my secondary weapon (DPS 5583) before entering the base. You can clearly see even though both correctly show a negative red number next to "Firearms" the one where I was holding my secondary weapon actually shows a green positive number above next to the "Primary" DPS amount! This is because this one is comparing to my secondary weapon instead of the primary, which should not be happening (it does say "Primary DPS" above it after all). And it's only doing so because of the secondary weapon was in hand before I enter the base.

When my primary was in hand before entering base:

When my secondary was in hand before entering base:

03-11-2016, 11:17 AM
No-one else bothered by this, or even noticed? wow. Having to make sure you go into your base or safe house with your primary weapon held just for the right comparison number to show next to Primary DPS seems quite an important issue to me. This can mislead a lot of players into thinking they're getting something that increases their DPS when in fact it could decrease it.