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03-10-2016, 08:13 AM
Title sorta says it all to be honest.

I played about 12 hours so far and realized there seems to be a lot missing from the game. I do not know if some of the things i suggest actually come up later on in the game, be advised this is based on my playtime.

I liked the idea of a third person MMO shooter and The Division gameplays i saw reminded me of Defiance. I'll admit i've been a huge fan of Defiance and logged countless hours on it... but i feel like there is something missing when i compare The Division to Defiance which is a FREE TO PLAY game

What i mean by that :

Defiance has :

- Daily / Weekly Mission Challenges (replay a number of story missions to gain bonuses)
- Score attacks challenges (Somewhat of a Grand Theft auto Kill frenzy with set rules for each challenges)
- Vehicles (Atvs, Cars, Trucks) that allow for faster travel and also have a series of "race like" challenges linked to them
- Randomized Events on the map as you travel (kill 5 dudes, pick up an item, etc)
- Group Events on the map (Arkfalls) which actually bring lots of people together and can get you special loot
- Instanced Dungeons-like raids (Via the Ark Spike mechanics) which yields higher grade loot
- Shadow Wars (Pvp Match ont he main Map, so basically a changing dark zone, just without the Loot)
- Enemies diversity (Not just Humans)

Maybe i totally expected much more from the game... Maybe the few vids i saw about the division had the Devs outright overhype the game as to how "alive" it would feel.

03-10-2016, 03:17 PM
Defiance is complete and utter trash. It is the definition of garbage. Bad example. Use Warframe instead.

After beating all the missions and reaching level 30, I still feel like I have a lot to do. The Dark Zone enemies in DZ05-06 are a serious challenge and you need to gear up to take them on. Challenge modes of various missions are extremely difficult and you need to be in a group to have a chance at completing them. Right now the whole point is to gear your balls off so that you can hopefully be ready to take on Incursions, aka raids, when they come out next month. Let me also answer some of your points you made:

-There are Daily Challenges. Get to level 30 after you beat all the missions. Dailies exist.
-Score Attacks are silly and don't fit the theme of the game.
-Vehicles would be useless with all the crap in the game. A bicycle might be nice, but vehicles aren't necessary.
-Random events do exist. I have run into several groups of heavily geared named enemy groups, one of which dropped a high end pistol for me.
-Incursions might be larger group content, but I think they will be limited to 4 players. We won't know until April. For now, roaming the Dark Zone and killing enemies in a group is the best you are going to get outside of Challenge modes.
-Instanced dungeons exist in the form of both higher difficulty missions and Incursions, which are on their way.
-A straight up PvP mode wouldn't be good or fun in The Division. The whole reason that it's fun is the fact that you can lose what you worked to obtain. The challenge and adrenaline from that is satisfying, but a straight up PvP mode would be boring.
-Enemy diversity doesn't exist in a realistic setting. You can shoot dogs, birds, and rats, but nothing else. Zombies and aliens don't exist in real life, and since this game has a realistic setting, having something like that would be silly.

03-10-2016, 07:10 PM
Well, the fact you didn't like Defiance doesn't necessarily make it trash, and i havent played Warframe so hard to compare it with ;)

- Daily challenges : haven't seen any in my time so far. Then Again, why limit said challenges to Endgame only after beating ALL the missions and being Level 30 ?

- Vehicles : still content that The Division doesn't have that a "trash game" (your words here) offers, so it's a lack of content there. And you don't need to be driving said vehicle, just have a Garbage truck loaded with Cleaners roaming around a neighborhood could be a nice event (might happen, might not happen, 12 hours in). And yeah, some sort of bike or an ATV could work for the long walking stretches

- Random events : Most i saw out of those are basically 2 thugs looting a corpse and or threatening a Civilian. Usually ends up in a 2 - 3 easy kill. I'd expect more variety in those and not always just Shooting Stuff.

- Incursions / Instanced Dungeons : Still not in game, so not valid content for now. It Might change the gameplay, sure, but for now, it's not in the game so that's not actual content.

- Dark Zone / PvP : That's kinda why i compared it to the Shadowwars since it is basically an "off mode" on the main map that is fun to play at times. Just wouldn't be as punitive as going rogue in the DZ (as read in a few posts). And yeah, i feel like the DZ is about the only original thing int he Division gameplay wise.

- Enemy Diversity / Realism :

Rabid Dogs roaming in pack in the streets / Attack Dogs used by some factions to flush you out of cover,

Armored "tanks" enemy that actually have destroyable equipment to reveal weak spots (Akin to breaking a power armor in Fallout 4) probably loaded with heavier weaponry (LMG ? gatling ? something along those lines),

Traitor Civies that instead of asking for stuff and dropping a loot piece when you get near, they pull out a gun and have a few other civs ambush you and / or might attack if you don't help them out,

Leaders / Lieutenants that affect Health Regen / Damage for the guys around him (Basically like a Warcrier in Mad Max, as long as he's giving out orders , enemies are much harder to deal with)

Those are only ideas at the top of my head that would bring on Realistic Variety. MAYBE they come up later on in the game, But First Impression wise ? I doubt it ...
I mean, so far , you basically have 5 types of enemies : Shooter guys (grunts), Sniper Guys (high damage stay far back), melee Guys (rushers), Grenade Guys (Shooters with AoE), "Agents" (has in they use skills during the fight, like dropping a turret)

As for realism, i don't ask for zombies or aliens, although it would fit right in with shooting a thug in the face 3 to 5 times before having to shoot his 3 identical clones... or the abundance of Flame Throwers in New York City.
Yeah, Realism goes both ways ...