View Full Version : [Bug Report] 2 Big PC Bugs

03-09-2016, 08:52 PM
1. I was in Dark Zone and out of nowhere I was unable to use the ability in my Q slot. Also when I would try to revive my downed teammates I would hold F then right when it finished reviving it would just reset the revive ticker. So basically I couldn't revive people, it would just keep resetting the progress bar as it would finish, while I'm still holding F.
As for the ability bug, I would press Q to use my heal and it would just bring out the syringe gun and put it away instantly. Couldn't double tap Q to use it or anything. Tried remapping the key to a different key, same issue. Tried using a different ability in the slot, same issue. Restarting the game fixed it but you can see how this is troublesome in the Dark Zone.

2. The second bug is: Sometimes I hit Shift Tab and Shift F2 at the same time accidentally, causing both the steam and uPlay overlay to open at the same time. This causes my game to freeze and I can't click anything on my screen, then the screen goes black and I have to restart the game.