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03-09-2016, 08:34 PM
Reply to this thread if you've done the following -
A. You've followed their general connection troubleshooting steps.
B. You've taken their advice on deleting your hard-drive cache.

Reply with how long this has occurred for you, what circumstance the error started, and what support avenues you've explored.

Started for me on launch night. I was connecting into a friends session when the servers went down. Since then every connection attempt has been met with MIKE 20250383. Able to connect with no issue on another gamer tag on the same Xbox and Network.

Support avenues explorered - Ubisupport ticket, Twitter support @ubisoft and @ubisoftsupport. Facebook and attempted a phone call.

Let's see if we can identify patterns in behavior and see how many are affected with the same issue.

Nice Xero
03-09-2016, 08:37 PM
Went more than 24 hours locked out of the game. Called microsoft and got a refund. I recommend everyone else does the same and leave a negative review on metacritic.

Same as Matt. I tried joining a friend and got hit with a mike. Haven't been able to play since. Submitted a ticket, left a forum comment, tried all of the Connection suggestions posted.

FYI I have personally confirmed that I can log into my friend's account but not my ow, proving this has nothing to do with my xbox.

03-09-2016, 08:44 PM
I have tried everything approaching 40 hours of lockout for me

03-09-2016, 08:48 PM
I've tried everything as well. Played on launch night(XBone), got to the cutscene between Brooklyn and Manhattan, server went down, and that was the last time I've been able to connect. 38+ hours with no access. Tried contacting support via ticket(no response yet) twitter(7 attempts, no replies) phone(on hold) and still no resolution. At the very least just want them to acknowledge our issue, even if they don't have a fix for it yet. Just don't ignore us.

Willy C Wonka
03-09-2016, 08:52 PM
When it Happened:
Preordered the digital version and began playing it as soon as it was available (11 CST) . Everything was running fine and I had just completed the 3 side missions and returned to the safe house (roughly 11:45 CST) I was in an xbox live party with my friends who were knocking out this tutorial stuff as well. As soon as I left the safe house, I went to the menu and tried join a friend on the list. It took me to the loading screen and then started giving me Mike Error. My friends got booted shortly thereafter, but they were all able to reconnected with 30 minutes. I however have not been able to login since then. On their friends list within the division game, it still shows me as being online playing the division.

I have searched every forum and all possible resources for a solution, but nothing works. If you call the ubisoft number and finally get someone on the phone, they will tell you that they can't do anything and that you need to use the live chat to speak with someone. When you initate the live chat session, you join a queue that is hundereds of people long and could take 6 hours to move through. If you do get to talk to someone on the live chat, they tell you that they are looking into the issue but at this time nothing can be done. Don't waste your time calling or on the live chat. There has not been any information regarding a solution to the matter from Ubisoft. They responded once or twice to people with possible fixes, but those fixes have not worked for ANYONE! It has been widely documented in the forums, but now Ubisoft has gone silent, and have not offered any more insight into the issue...

I contacted Microsoft to get a refund for the digital version I purchased through the Xbox live store. They were very helpful and sorry that I was having to deal with all of this.

03-09-2016, 09:16 PM
I pre-ordered the game, and downloaded it, then when it unlocked at midnight EST for me i got on and play for 40 minutes until i was going to go to manhattan, during the cutscene i was kicked off the game and hit with a delta error code, now all i constantly get is MIKE error codes, i contacted support ignored my ticket, i was talking to them on twitter, said it was a network error and continued to ignore me, all they say is its a network error which it is NOT. im gonna be getting a refund until they fix this problem.

Battle Seeker
03-09-2016, 09:22 PM
I started playing as soon as the servers got on got on the helo and before cutscene ended got kicked out. Tried to get back on and was asked to go back to an older save data. I hit OK to that. Tried to log back in now i get Mike 20250383.

I have called them two times bin on queue 2 times for over 8 hr just to be told the first time that xbox live is having problems. They tell me to reboot my xbox and open ports i do that. It doesn't work.

I have reinstalled the game still same error code. I log in as my friends account and can play the game. He tried to log in as me gets the same error code as me.
I join his game by party chat he tells me he sees me standing in his game but i see the log in screen still. Then the error code comes up.

The second time they still say the same thing trying to blame others for there servers.

I feel like they are not trying to help at all. I don't want to refund the game i just want to play.

I think they need to reset my account. Wipe my characters. I wood delete my character if only i can get on.

Please ubisoft tell us you know of the problem and are working on it dont keep telling us its not your servers

03-09-2016, 09:33 PM
I have also experienced the error. I signed on last night when servers opened at 12:01 am EST. I was playing for approximately 50 minutes before their servers crashed. I was in the middle of the cut scene that plays when you are about to enter Manhattan when I was subsequently booted from the game. Ever since then, I have received the MIKE 20250383 error. Time is currently 2:24 pm CST, so this issue has been on going for approximately 38 hours.

I have gone through all of their general troubleshooting tips and have had no luck with it. Ubisoft support continues to point the finger at both Xbox Live and my internet service provider. I have reached out on Twitter to the Ubisoft support account and did not get a response. I have been attempting to make a racket on Facebook but unfortunately no response. I did Facebook message Ubisoft support directly and have been attempting to work through the issue with them but their response time is very slow, probably from a lot of users attempting to reach them.

In order to prove that my Xbox One console, Xbox Live account, or my internet service provider is NOT the issue, I created a new Xbox Live account and was able to access The Division immediately without any issues. This proves that the problem is on their end and not mine. I contacted Xbox support and they said that they have been approached about this issue by a lot of users and the problem is on Ubisoft's end and not theirs.

If you are no longer interested in playing the game, they are more than happy to issue a full refund if you purchased the game through them. Xbox support was extremely empathetic and wished that there was something that they could do about the problem. Meanwhile, Ubisoft fails to acknowledge that there is an issue of any kind and brush us off.

03-09-2016, 09:39 PM
I got on at 1103 CST was on about 15min when i finished first zone and started to zone to multi area and then server crashed i have checked ports reinstalled unlinked relinked UPLAY and have had mike error sense 11:35 CST. I have tried my buddy account and was able to log in and play under his i also have a screen shot of my char seen in the darkzone on the ne corner from all my friends.

03-09-2016, 09:44 PM
I played for about 30 mins, then booted while trying to leave Brooklyn. I did everything from trouble shooting, reinstalling, and trying to contact ubisoft all to no success.

ShadyKillas 69
03-09-2016, 09:45 PM
I got hit with a Mike error right at launch after I made my agent about 30 -40 min of trying I finally got the message it needed to roll my agent back and I would lose some progress. After that it was some delta errors and then I was fine. They appear to be doing server maintenance tomorrow and I am hoping for all of your sake it fixes the problems you are having. I do want to say that yes with Mike errors it is on their end (99 times out of 100) with delta it can be on your end (bad connection)\ or theirs (overloaded servers). I also am pissed at their cookie cutter responses (I know they are busy but it's not a one size fits all). The thing is I'm sure they want people to love their product and for most people I'm sure the game is working fine but this seems to be a problem with data corruption from disconnects while saving the progress of an agent to their servers and it locks that account. It's messed up and they do need to fix it but I doubt it's anything the normal support can fix and like I said lets hope they patch that problem with the server maintenance tomorrow.

03-09-2016, 09:56 PM
I have also experienced the error. I signed on last night when servers opened at 12:01 am EST. I was playing for approximately 50 minutes before their servers crashed. I was in the middle of the cut scene that plays when you are about to enter Manhattan when I was subsequently booted from the game. Ever since then, I have received the MIKE 20250383 error.

EXACT same issue.

After 5-10 tries of reconnecting, it asked me to roll back to a previous save. I did this and the issue continued to occur. I have tried all the network related troubleshooting, as well as clearing cache, removing my Live account from my Xbox and re-adding it. Setting static IP back to dynamic, and blah blah and some more blah to get it to work. I am a Network Administrator with multi-pal Certifications so I have tried near everything, I always end with the same error.

I created a new account and was able to play all the way to the new outpost and a few missions in Manhattan with no issues. However returning to my actual account Mike shut me down again.

I know I can get a refund obviously but I want to play the game so I can try and catch up to stream with my friends.

ISP: Google Fiber
Router model: GFRG110
Wired/wireless connection: Wireless (although I tried a 50ft wired cable to test)
Country: US
Campus/Military/Home/Business/School network: Home Network

Detailed Network Stats on Xbox
DL: 81.42
Packet loss: 0%
MTU: 1480
Latency: 62
Wireless Strength:100%

03-09-2016, 10:11 PM
I also am unable to access my account.

Was playing last night right until the cut scene when travelling. At this time the server kicked me, and I started to receive error messages trying to log back in. I finally got the error stating I could roll back my character, which I did. This is when I started getting the Mike error. I have tried all TS steps given including the ports and DMZ, even though this is not where the issue is coming from. I have friends who were kicked at the same time, but since then their accounts have been able to roll back successfully (they both went back to lvl 2). It seems a simple delete of our character would fix it. I am able to log into friends accounts, and their game will load as expected. This shows is cannot be my network, or my xbox itself. There is only one other place this can be coming from!

03-09-2016, 10:19 PM
Same as all of you above. I have been experiencing the wrath of Mike since 12:40am March 84th. I have tried all of the port forwarding, as well as hard resetting my Xbox numerous times. I have yet to see any informtion whatsoever on ubisofts behalf addressing this issue. I was asked at the initial crash if I wanted to revert to my previous save and of course i was ok with this option being so early in the game. To my avail I conceived Mike 20250383 and I'm still unable to get rid of him.

Trollin 4 Noobs
03-09-2016, 10:58 PM
I found sort of a loop around. While logged in to my live account, I made a silver account with a different email. I log into my main xbox account, get on the game. Before trying to play knowing it's going to mike me, I switch profiles to my silver and it connects to that just fine. So I'm logged into 2 accounts and playing. I'm in a party chat with my friends on my main account, but playing the game on my silver. Also when they invited me to the game through the party and I'd accept it, it would pull my silver account character into there game.

03-09-2016, 11:06 PM
Played for about 40 mins around 1 am on launch day. Servers crashed around 1:45ish when I was in cut scene going from Brooklyn to Manhattan. When I relaunched after the crash it said that my account was locked and that I could unlock but possibly lose some progress. I was only a level four so I was alright with that and said unlock my account. From there I started to get a Romeo error immediately when it started to try to connect. Performed a hard reset of console and then started getting the MIKE 20250383 error.

Since that time I have uninstalled and reinstalled the game since then, I have deleted both the beta and alpha from console, Have cleared cache and reserved space for game, Have reset internet multiple times, Performed port forwarding, have also tried to unlink and then relink gamertag to different Uplay account and back to original account, I am able to login with a different profile on the same console and am able to boot the game and start playing just fine. None of theses solutions have been able to fix the problem and I am still unable to connect at the time that this is being posted.

I have already talked Ubisoft support and they were not sure how to fix the problem but said they were aware of it. I really want this to be fixed so that I can just play the game already.

03-09-2016, 11:14 PM
Played tell 9:30ish Pacific then the Mike errors Monday. But if I play on some one else's X-box account I can play Bummer about the hole thing Hope the maintenance tonight fixes it. I've followed all there tips. Cleared my networks cleared my hard drive cache. But nothing.

03-10-2016, 12:39 AM
Also locked out due to MIKE 20250383 Error since the first hour after digital clients were unlocked in US. My story is the same as others. I was disconnected while trying to join a friends game while still in Brooklyn starting area. On a later connection attempt I was presented with account roll-back option which I accepted. All other connection attempts over the last two days have resulted in same MIKE 20250383 error.

I have tried both xbox cache reset and internet trouble shooting recommended by customer reps on this forum without any resolution. Only thing that works is when I create a second xbox account and then run the game client with that account (while still using original uplay account). So the issue is isolated to my primary xbox account and not my internet connection or game client.

03-10-2016, 01:27 AM
I have taking all steps to attempt to fix the issue, per Ubisoft's support information.

I was able to play the game for about 40 minutes at 12:01 AM EST on the 8th of March and then the game crashed in the cutscene leading to Manhattan (around 12:40 AM EST). At that point I started to receive the MIKE ERROR code and have been receiving it ever since (basically 48 hours now).

I am hoping for a resolution soon.

03-10-2016, 01:45 AM
I played for like 45 mins from 12:01 am to 12:40am on 3/8/2016, then got booted after the cutscene for leaving Brooklyn. I did everything from the trouble shooting, reinstalling, and trying to contact ubisoft with no success.

03-10-2016, 02:04 AM
I played for a half hour during the North American launch before facing Error Code Mike 20250383. I quit out of the game when I became stuck behind the Restock container in the Brooklyn safehouse and have not been able to log in since then.

When I switch to one of my friends profile on my console his profile can access the game. I noticed the loading graphics were orange on his screening when accessing and loading the main menu while mine was yellow. Each time I had a yellow/gold loading graphic I was given the error code.

Support avenues explored - Ubisoft Support ticket, I sent a tweet to the twitter accounts @ubisoftsupport and @TheDivisionGame but received no response.

I did receive an email from Ubisoft support for my ticket with the power cycle advice, which has been proven to not solve the error code.

I just tried attaching my Xbox Gamertag to a new Ubisoft account to see if that would have any effect, but I still received the error code.

03-10-2016, 03:47 AM
I was playing right at the start of the midnight launch. I finished off the Brooklyn starting zone and got on the heli to head to Manhattan. During the cut scene, I was disconnected. After trying to log in a few times, a message appeared that said my character was locked and asked if I wished to unlock it. I accepted even though it said it would possibly lose previous data ( I mean, I only played for 30-40 minutes so it wasn't a huge loss). After that, I was experiencing Mike after Mike error. I have yet been able to log into the game under my account and play.

Steps taken: Called Ubisoft ( Phone lines were disabled when I called), submitted a chat/help ticket on their support site, followed every bit of their guidance from power cycling my xbox and router, uninstalling The Division and redownloading it, deleting the saved data and followed their port forwarding advice.

I even asked a friend for their Xbox Live info so I could log into their account from my Xbox One to see if it was just my account and sure enough, I logged directly into their character select screen and was able to play, verifying that it is a problem with my account and not related in any way to routing. I also created a silver account as well and was able to play. Even still, this issue needs to be fixed.

The problem is clear. A vast majority of the players that were playing last night during the launch have their accounts blocked/made unavailable now due to the crash (server crash, not helicopter crash from the cut scene :P). Is it not that simple to just do a complete wipe on the accounts affected? I would be okay with that. So long as I was able to play the product that I purchased.

03-10-2016, 07:59 AM
shortly after starting the game on the night of the launch, I tried to jump into my friend's group... and that's when Mike started showing up. I contacted ubisoft 3 times, Xbox twice, did all the trouble shooting prescribed.. still the same error code. But the game works just fine on my Xbox with my friends profile logged in. But my profile doesn't let me play any xbox at all. I took a week's worth of vacation form work for this... some kind of response is needed at this point. Now I'm just crossing my fingers hoping that the server maintenance fixes the issue.

03-10-2016, 03:49 PM
My character was fixed with last nights update. I'm sure those who threw a fit and got their money back are gonna feel stupid after they have to purchase it again for their 48 hour tantrum. LMAO. Noobs.

Thanks Ubisoft IT department. ;)

03-10-2016, 08:39 PM
Hi I just wanted to know if since the maintenance on the servers if people who were experiencing the mike error code have been fixed and able to play? I my self had the error code and got a refund for the game. I just want to know it works now before I get a used copy in case it don't work I can get another refund. Sad how I've never had to do this for any other game.

03-10-2016, 11:04 PM
Was playing with a friend, he joined on me, I left for my dinner and re joined on him... a lot of encounters id already done were available, we played for a bit and he took a break, I logged out/in to see if I could clear all the already done encounters from my map, it worked, so I went to go and replay 1st medic mission on hard to farm some items but the place was boarded up and i could only matchmake but it wouldn't connect and was stuck matchmaking... I logged out/in and then I get the MIKE error, your account is unavailable... WTAF, NOT HAPPY, im going to try again and If i really have to il try reinstall, begrudgingly...

03-10-2016, 11:11 PM
Had me really worried there, I tried one last time after leaving game n rebooting console and my account is back... started up the game went to 1st medic mission again to see if hard would load, sorted... Ubisoft you owe me a a new heart n valves n wat not, thought id lost my profile for a while there...

03-11-2016, 12:57 AM
Hi guys, I know some of you already know about this but we have a support website page dedicated to this:


^^ For those who didn't know. My understanding of this is that the issue has been resolved for some, but not others. The team is working quickly to fix it for everyone impacted - thanks for your patience.

Nice Xero
03-11-2016, 02:25 AM
Hi guys, I know some of you already know about this but we have a support website page dedicated to this:


^^ For those who didn't know. My understanding of this is that the issue has been resolved for some, but not others. The team is working quickly to fix it for everyone impacted - thanks for your patience.

Was that so hard??? Thanks for finally acknowledging it and restarting the servers.

03-11-2016, 06:34 AM
I get this error on PC and PS4, tried fixing both in every way i have seen recommended to the point of even factory resetting the ps4. No change still does it.

03-11-2016, 10:43 PM
Experience Mike for the second time. Happened once before fixed itself, now I'm experiencing it again. Followed all the steps, clearing the hard drive cache now to see if that works. Have tweeted at this character who is the moderator: https://twitter.com/yannickbch

03-11-2016, 10:49 PM
I as well am having this error.

03-11-2016, 11:09 PM
I've played a total of 4 hours solo and thought I'd try matchmaking. Got kicked out and when reconnecting got MIKE 20250383. Been like that for a couple of hours now.


03-29-2016, 06:40 PM
Xbox One
XBL GT: ObsoleteRealism

[ERROR] MIKE 2025383
Your profile is currently unavailable etc...

I've been playing now dor 6+ days and only after FINALLY buying items with "Phoenix Credits" and crafting did I get this msg.

I hit "start button" and fully exited game, signed out of xbl profile, and reset console after about 45min. getting this error msg.

Thankfully this worked for me and hopefully others, as for UbiNotSoHard!...


Or... get ready to issue refunds w/ tax and bonus for pain andc suffering!

04-09-2016, 07:41 PM
I got the game yesterday and now cant play because of the MIKE 20250383 error, not pleased about this!

04-10-2016, 03:39 AM
I just had this happen twice to me ...

I Logged off the game, (go to your UI, hit the Y button to log out)

When you've logged out hit the Xbox button on your controller to go back to the Xbox home screen.
Hit the menu button again to bring up the context menu to select Quit for the game (you will then just see The Division title screen).

When back at the Xbox home bring up the side bar (scroll left), scroll down to Settings, then select Restart Console.

Try to start the game up again after the console restarts.

It may be just a glitch, or there was a slight server disconnect but it may not be the very problematic Mike error that has dropped out so many people.