View Full Version : Xbox One Getting Tech wing started mission, Stuck in Elevator

03-09-2016, 04:57 PM
Just like the title says. A friend and I got through the whole mission where you get the person to help you with the tech wing of the BOO. We complete the mission and get into the elevator at the end, it sends us up and we hit the load screen, but we are not able to get out of it nor complete the mission. I thought if was able to fast travel somewhere, walk through the whole level again, it will allow me to do the final process over again. sadly the elevator was not there. The mission still showed us the last step we need to do, which is getting into the elevator and leaving the area. but we are not able to do that. I wish I took a screen shot and a video of this to better show the problem but I do not.

NOTE: this was not something that happen when I played in the Open beta.

metrofish 2008
03-09-2016, 06:59 PM
I was in a group of three. The other two had completed the mission on Normal. We decided to try Hard. It took a bit, but we finally finished.

When we are ready to exit, there are no elevators, and we have Red call buttons. Fast travled back to BoO and I don't get credit for the mission. Was ready to try again today, but of course Delta is in the way!