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03-09-2016, 11:41 AM
OP: approx. 10 hours ago, but still having problems

A few problems, first, I played the beta and can not download the hat, not a big deal. Accessed agent origins and I never recieved the code to download the 4 outfits, where the code would be is just an orange dot. I see others having this problem. Other main issue is that I went to upgrade my preorder and was unavailable so I preordered the season pass which is the exact same thing as preordering gold edition but cannot access the bdu outfit and really want it and feel like I deserve it. I have my code from the season pass preorder and as you can see on my Xbox profile I have the game on day one. I can send copies of receipts if need be but I would like my outfit. Thanks for any help you can offer.

Since I posted this earlier I have gotten home and followed a trick that was mentioned on FB. I booted up the Xbox, went to games and apps, hit menu on division and off to the right were all the extra content that was not previously accessible, including the survival outfit that I failed to mention in the OP. The national guard outfit was there as well. I was more then pleased. however I still had the division beta installed as well and noticed that these items were also "installed " on the beta (off to the right of the install, just like the full game showed). But just thought that maybe these were installed on both the full game and the beta, however when I uninstalled the beta, all of my exclusive content ceased to show on the full game now as well. Talk about frustrated. I'd just really like these outfits, and apologize for the trouble but really need help in fixing this.

Thanks again.
Sincerely, a Long term Ubisoft and Tom Clancy fan.

Season pass pre-order code was WVPVT-CM64V-Q7F2K-VKCJY-CCPWZ