View Full Version : One thing is really concerning about Ubisoft Games

03-08-2016, 08:32 PM
How many are becoming online only. To me there was no reason for the divisions campaign to be online only. Say what you will but other games with campaign co op are playable offline. I get the creeping sensation this is a draconian drm issue that once again punishes players like myself who are completely legitimate and who prefers to play my games offline when i please and not at the whims of servers.

My voice is just one Ubi. Im not being rude or going to cuss you out. That isnt why im here. Ive been a long time player of ubi games. But i cannot justify an online only purchase which will one day be obsolete. When the servers go off , it doesnt matter if its ten years, im out of luck if i wanted to redo the campaign.

Please Ubi, for the single players like myself out there. Re think the only only stuff. Its not doing anything but hurting players like me. Im asking as a fan of your games. Thanks for listening