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03-08-2016, 10:50 AM
Hi Everyone,

First of all I can't call myself "a good gamer" but I'm a good customer! Customer who has money in his pocket to spend on your (Ubisoft) products. Those are products of yours I bought in a year "WATCH_DOGS™", "Assassin's Creed® Unity", "Assassin's Creed® IV Black Flag", "Assassin's Creed® Syndicate". I've been waiting "Tom Clancy's The Division" for a long time like other gamers. I played Beta, preorder your product and looking forward to play the game. But I couldn't make the payment on Playstation Store because of Playstation Store payment issue.

Let me explain what is happening at Playstation Store in Turkey. Sony Eurasia -which is in Istanbul- can't provide service well. Every single time when we try to purchase sth system gives an error. And when you give call to Sony Eurasia customer service they give you same reason which are not the real problem. They kept saying these things like a parrot and can't give a solution for your problems. Lets count them.

1- Your credit card details are wrong: This is a problem which might cause the problem but if you're kept saying this reason to thousands... Come on we can't be that much stupid.So I double check my details nothing wrong with it.

2- Next excuse is "your bank doesn't allow us to get preapproval": Sorry but that's not true I added 3 different credit card and all banks were allow it!

3- By the way I know you're thinking why we don't use paypal or gift card. We can't Playstation Store doesn't allow us to use those payment ways. So you've to have credit card! But as you read before even you've credit card it doesn't mean you can do paymetn without any problems.

4- When I gave a call to Playstation customer service and asked them again those are not the problems, what I need to do they've no idea. All they say is "do not try over again and again. Otherwise your account will be block for 15 days. So can you tell me the problem or how long I need to wait? And again they have nothing to say.

There some others ways to do payment without problem, like opening account in US, UK etc but it might be complicated for some customers. It's 21st Century isn't it? And companies like Ubisoft in the middle of it and they are responsible about customer satisfaction and standarts of this industry as well. They have a right/power to ask/force platforms like Playstation to be more careful about customer satisfaction. Because it's directly affects their sales.

So is this all Sony Playstation Store issues why am I writing here?

Because it's not only my -gamers in Turkey- and Sony's problem. If we've this problem that means we aldreay bought PS4. That means Sony already sold its product to us! But because of these problems we can NOT buy UBISOFT's products. Which I think thats the point where it's became a Ubisoft's problem as well. If we think about the money and effort which Ubisoft spent on PR and advertising it's became a waste of money and time. Yes, I used "waste" because you can't underestimate numbers of Turkish players. Anyway UBISOFT spent money/time for PR and they've been trying to keep gamers tension high to selling thier products. But I can't do anything rightnow to get YOUR PRODUCT "Tom Clancy's The Division" and I need to wait for a while -which nobody can tell how long-.

So, the sum and the substance of it is, UBISOFT is not allowed -kind of =)- to sell their products to Turkish Gamers (customers) easly. And trust me it drops our tension and gives a second chance to think about buying game again. Our disappointment is not caused by UBISOFT but it affects UBISOFT.

Hope someone take an action...

Hopefully see you in DarkZone guys.

05-03-2016, 09:36 AM
Some of the common Playstation issues faced by the users are:

Blank Screen: Whenever there is a communication error between the television and console, black screen is displayed. Restore the PS4 in safe mode and fix the console at an ease.

Sign-in errors: Sever error like ‘NW-31453-6 (Network connection has been lost)’ causes sign-in error. Fix the issue easily by replacing the current server with some other server.

Blinking red light: When the console overheats, then the red light blinks automatically. Cool down the console and then restart it. This will solve the problem.

Contact PS4 customer service whenever you are stuck in any Playstation related issue. Dial Playstation customer service 24/7 number (http://www.wildtechy.com/sony-playstation-customer-service-ps-help-number) and avail the Playstation network customer service. Sony Playstation service team has experts in their ranks who will diagnose the issue remotely and will provide you the appropriate solution.

05-03-2016, 09:41 PM
Contact PS4 customer service whenever you are stuck in any Playstation related issue.

I'm afraid it really does come down to this. We cannot do anything to influence how any other company handles their issues. To put it in perspective, imagine if the grocery store you bought your apple juice from was having issues with their systems that somehow prevented you from buying your apple juice. The people that made the juice have no way of making the store do anything about their system so you would have to go through the store to get resolution or go to another store.

As an alternative you can try to find retailers in your area or online that would sell the games on disc. Be sure if you order online that you buy from a reputable dealer to avoid getting ripped off.

I tried to find an approved vendor list for PS based games but I can only come up with a list for PC digital distribution. Still, some of these retailers might offer online ordering for disc based PS versions but you will need to check them out to see if they do and if they will send games to your geographical region (sounds like Turkey in your case). Every retailer on this list is reputable so if one of them will sell to you in Turkey go for it!: