View Full Version : PS4 this shouldn't happened on release date, ubisoft, you knew!

03-08-2016, 07:45 AM
why does **** like this always happened, ubisoft, u knew this would knock off the service,

for a game that got delays how many times and still can't go online on release night. wow

so much hyped for a game when the server isn't strong enough to handle release night!

when I saw 3 words, I knew this game will just be like destiny, internet connection required, server problem 24/7.

don't force us to always play online only when yours server is this weak.

right after I paid over $200, first thing was problem for me. wow.

03-10-2016, 12:04 PM
This is pretty rediculous.. I got the gold edition for $100 and planned time off work to play with friends and then this bs. The thing that posses me off the most is that there's no way to play offline and just enjoy the game while they sort this out. I can't even get past most cutscenes without being booted only to have to retry and re watch half of a cutscene before getting booted yet again.. and this is after the maintenance this morning. This might as well just be a money scam.