View Full Version : (PC) Looking for achievement hunters

03-07-2016, 11:04 PM
Hello! I am looking for some achievement hunters who would like to join in a crew of four and drive from one place to another or do some faction missions. I am available almost all day every day. :)

03-09-2016, 05:27 AM
Look me up in game. I'm on almost daily at some point or another. I already have the vast majority of my achievements unlocked, but I have no problem helping others out. Plus it is always fun to have someone to drive with.

03-11-2016, 07:55 AM
Sorry, Missed your message today when you originally sent it and didn't see you on when I finally came back on to play. Hopefully I can catch up with you another time.

03-11-2016, 11:32 PM
It's ok just message me when you can play and then we can do some stuff. Btw we are looking for people for some PVP Crew vs Crew so if anybody wants to do it feel free to join me on Uplay. :)

04-11-2016, 08:51 AM
I added you both. Have either of you completed 'good on the inside' where you drive 5 miles with bumper cam on 40 vehicles. I'm stuck at 98% and can't figure out which one I missed. It would help to know which cars count so I can focus on just those.

04-16-2016, 07:07 PM
Have not completed that one yet, but my guess would be to look back at the original 40 cars that came with The Crew (before wild run came out). those have to be the ones for it.