View Full Version : Actually a new idea for the next farcry or future farcry game

03-07-2016, 09:12 PM
I was thinking with how much I'm enjoying primitive weapons and stuff in this game I thought that the next game should be in asia around samurai times. Would be pretty cool to have a game in that era in the farcry style. Weapons, upgrades, I think it would work.

03-08-2016, 02:02 AM
I was a little disappointed with the lack of guns, but the primitive weapons are fun to use. The survival elements to teh game is rather fun too. I was actually thinking a colonial, or civil war era, where you are Dances With Wolves, and are adopted by the Native Americans. You would have old fashioned revolvers and muskets or pump action henry rifles depending on the era. But it would keep some elements of this game as well.

03-09-2016, 09:57 AM
Before rushing on to the next big thing I would prefer Ubi tweak and improve Primal with patches and at least one major single player DLC expansion. Please consider the sort of commitment shown to Witcher 3 by CD Project Red. They did not just add a few more adventures with Hearts of Stone and so on they actually added some new features. I would hate for Primal to end as it is now - a good game witout doubt - but one that could be so much more with some tweaks and extra options including ideally a full survival mode that does more than just tweak difficulty.

This was a big leap back to unquestionably the most perfect time setting possible for a survival, hunting and gathering focused Far Cry game.

Arguably this is the direction Far Cry has been going for some time with its increased focus on the dangers of the natural environment, animals crafting and upgrading your gear.... The Primal setting is simply too ideal to just throw it hastily away for the next novelty backdrop. Please give this product and era further support and upgrade this fine game to give the concept its full potential before skipping onward to any other era.

In addition, if you ever do consider a samuri or medieval or viking or anything else akin to that age were melee combat is a big deal seriously rethink and overhaul the new melee system. Whilst it is not gamebreaking the over simplisity used here is barely servicable for the Primal setting. Deciding to have no block, no dodge and no shield use does not feel a move forward in combat in gameplay terms even when going back all those years it feels like missed opportunity. First person games are notoriously bad at melee you could have been the first game to end that trend. Overall as it stands it makes the up close and personal combat far too simplistic I will admit it provides its own challenges and I gave it the benefit of the doubt but now having played many hours of Primal I must say melee imo is not simplified in an especially good way. The only saviour to melee here remains the old takedowns and the fact that you can resort to throwing even the clubs.

Once again let me plead: give this product some genuine extended support and love before you just leap on to another timescape and concept leaving this marvellously bold experiment in the truly primitive too far behind you. In fact Primal could be an offshoot franchise of Far Cry seperate to the old Far Cry with guns.

Otherwise thanks you Ubisoft for Primal. I hope you people are not taking any criticisms at all on the forum too negatively. The truth is that the players here would have nothing to say to you if they did not find Prmal an excellent idea and worthy of both the time and effort required to engage with you and the forum in general.