View Full Version : Far Cry Replays Tool

03-07-2016, 04:37 PM
Hello everyone! I'm a programmer and a diehard Far Cry fan.
This game generates lots of awesome random moments and once I had an idea of creating a tool which would capture them — just like a dashcam is capturing everything which happens on the road.
For those who doesn’t want to waste time on reading — here’s the program, I hope it's pretty self-explainatory. https://www.dropbox.com/s/fy2gk8dolrbvcy2/setup%286%29.exe?dl=0
Here's a video 'tutorial' http://imgur.com/W4wHQVo
And here are the replays themselves, captured by myself: http://coub.com/8a15d8e1a0cfd5d8d395de1e5b1ab200
Basically the tool works like twitch.tv only you stream short gameplay moments instead of long walkthroughs. It utilizes the dashcam principle: captures all the process in the background, but only when something awesome happens it cuts the last ten seconds from the replay and turn them into a videofile, which will be waiting for you online.
I'm very looking forward to your feedback, any criticism would be appreciated.