View Full Version : Win a free copy of The Division: Collectors Edition

03-07-2016, 04:11 PM
Hey guys Kurrama69 here from PSN. I have decided to get more involved in streaming with my group of gamers 21+. If you give us a chance you will eithier find us hilarious or complete *** holes. I am holding a drawing for a chance to win the LIMITED EDITION of The Division, value $150+ at least. This item is now only obtainable by purchasing it from other players. It's all sold out at stores. I also plan on doing these kind of giveaways where you can choose from a group of prizes.

HOW TO WIN: Visit www.twitch.tv/kurrama and follow me. If I reach 150+ followers with at some point in the day have 50+ viewers the prize will be eligible to all followers. No need to subscribe. On 3/8/2016 I will live stream The Division for 24 hours. All followers will be eligible to win this award. At 11:30 PM on 3/8 I will announce the lucky son of Bi*** who won lol.