View Full Version : Next Gen Combat Ideas

03-07-2016, 11:04 AM
Assassin Creed Syndicate (ACS) was amazing game.

The graphic was mesmerizing and gorgeous

The combat is fine in a single player game or pve.

The problem in combat is not 'competitive' or pvp friendly.

We need a change.

I suggest a combat design like in 'the elder scroll online' or the elder scroll:v skyrim.

Assassin now has normal attack, heavy attack and skilled attack with the option of 1st person camera (can switch to 3rd person too). Skills attack is like nightblade ambush in teso or any other skills in the game.

The normal attack could has variety of animation, for starter i sugget 4 or at least 2, main hand and 2nd hand.

The finishing or special move like breaking bones, should be implemented in 'skills' attack.

In this skilled attack, cool animation like we see in ACS should be implemented.

For dodging, i want dodge roll and normal dodge like evie frye did in ACS.

This 'normal' dodge is just another skills that consumes 'stamina' just like blocking or dodge roll. There is realistic reason to block, dodge roll or normal dodge.

Some classes was expertise in dodging, like assassin, some enemy attack can be dodge without any rolling action.

With this combat system, plus the new open world assassin creed, assassin creed franchies can surpluss the elder scroll series. In term of graphic, ACS was far better than fallout 4. ACS just lack open world and sandbox element, plus maybe character creation? But anyway, i love ACS and i love evie frye, what a gorgeous character she was.