View Full Version : Stuck in labyrinth in child of light. Frustrated

03-07-2016, 04:44 AM
This might seem odd but I'm literally stuck in the labyrinth and is not making any sense to me. Btw I apologized if there is already a forum for this game. I didn't see it so I had go mention. So I finished the labyrinth level where we have to find the people of the guard who rescues you. Playing before, I went through that and I initiated a fight with Aurora's sister. I lost. I stopped playing for a while. Came back to play it again and the game puts me back in the labyrinth. In the room where we find all the friends of the guard who rescues you. So I am stuck there. As in the game doesn't progress anymore. The guard who was with me is now standing at the door. I use the door and it puts me back at the labyrinth so pretty much there is no way out to reach the sister since any door I use kicks me back in the labyrinth. There is no way for me to visit any other place. The saves are automatic so I don't even know how to start from a previous level. I do not want to start another game as I have progressed pretty far in this and it is now getting annoying. Please anyone help me with this issue. Tell me there is a work around it. I appreciate all your time and help.