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MADS madhouse
03-06-2016, 06:28 PM
I have the Xbox One version of Far Cry Primal. I am not in a mission, just exploring. There are a couple of spots where the enemies re-spawn over and over. no matter how many that I kill. When this happens, all I can do is run. One time I used the owl to search the area, mark the elephants that I was hunting. The owl didn't find any human enemies, as I stared my attack on the elephants, enemies spawned everywhere and non-stop. The spawning events, like free the captives starts, then within a second, it disappears. Or many enemies spawn, and kill the captive. Which makes the event and using the owl useless, to mark the targets. The enemies can spot me in a bush, behind a bolder, miles away, or on the moon, crouched or not, it doesn't matter. Another example. I am taking a fort or campfire. I use the owl to mark all of the targets. Then I send the jaguar in to take out an enemy, (which in the description of the jaguar, it can take out any enemy and stay undetected, not true.) The jaguar will take out an enemy, the owl will drop a sting bomb, I shot an enemy with a long bow, head shot, (which head shots are inconsistent in this game, glitchy as a matter of fact.), then all of the enemies come running for me, I am behind a bolder, in a bush, behind a building, crouched, it doesn't matter. I am exploring, going up a hill, crouched, enemies are coming up the other side, I turn my hunter vision on, I can't see them, but they can see me. These cavemen enemies must have ex-ray, night, better than 20/20 vision, scopes, or binoculars.. And all I have is this hunter vision, that can't even see through a bush. The enemy detection meter, fills up within a billionth of a second, giving me no time to hide. Why did you put stealth in this game? With these enemies that can see through and over anything. Also, that trail that is left by the rare animals is over powered, it causes me more problems than it helps. Also, I go from my home base, and through a lot of trouble, to the mission where I get the grappling hook. And a couple of times i can't get the character to finish climbing up. Not to mention there are many times, where I could have used the climbing spot to get out of trouble or to stop from being detected. But there was no climbing spot. Well, in closing, please at least fix the enemy detection and the endless spawning issues, otherwise just take out all of the stealth perks and the owl, they're useless. I would also like to see you add a coop, that allows me to play with my friends, and not just the side missions, but every mission. I understand why you didn't add a multi-player, seeing that in Far Cry 4, nobody wanted to play the multi-player, even though it was fun and good. Otherwise, Far Cry Primal has amazing artwork, and good story. I did like how you gave me enough time to read the subtitles and watch the characters that were talking. Thank you, good day and best wishes to all.

03-06-2016, 07:41 PM
We appreciate the feedback, MADS madhouse. You mention headshots being glitchy and hunter vision not working in some situations. I'm wondering if this is throughout the game or in certain areas. Either way, you should submit a bug report to our support (http://support.ubi.com)team so they know specifically what you're talking about. Thanks.

03-07-2016, 11:43 PM
It is hard to always make a judgement call with so many variables and uncertainties but it also seems to me on PS4 that in Primal guards seem to spot you occasionally when they should not be easily able. Now I am playing on expert so that may be part of it but in the dark crouched with full skills etc and with no animal in tow it can be very hard not to be seen although I have also turned off alll the HUD but as the OP stated when buildings and so on often seem to be in the way how do they spot you. Another thing somehow guards frequently zero in on you whenever you are in cover even in bushes etc but use the Owl. I can understand increased alertness but they often - at least appear - to lock on to you too soon making me wonder if the variables involved need looking at. Perhaps I am just failing to spot some elevated guards that can see me or something, others would need to comment if they think they are having similiar issues when going stealthy.

To be honest unless you go full on Owl I think it is quite hard to stealth outposts without aim assist as current bows often cannot one hit kill targets with central bodyshots. Providing some means to do that such as adding snake venom to your arrow tips or something similiar might be a good idea. The old fun provided via the sniping option is currently I feel far less viable unless that is the way it is firmly intended to be. Sadly I always enjoyed sniping and miss that sense of being in control at a distance somewhat.

EDIT I wondered in relation to hunter vision if OP means not working as in faulty or more accurately not particularly effective as a tool in some circumstances.

05-06-2016, 01:18 AM
I actually have had similar problems with this game and quite frankly I've almost given up on this game.

Don't use animals at all unless you want to send them into battle, don't use the owl unless you're taking over a fort/bonfire, and don't use hunter vision unless you're tracking an injured animal/tagging people close by. And stay in the center of bushes.

Other than that, the stealth aspect of the game sucks and shouldn't be used. Even when going solo, unless you're sneaking up behind someone with no one else around, don't bother because they'll spot you and call for help.

Just do your best and know that we all agree that the stealth aspect of the game kind of sucks.

06-07-2017, 06:41 AM
I must say i agree whose hearted with "RogueSurvivor" on this subject. In previous games i have had so much fun with explorin'n'killin, but not nearly much with this.

Stealth has been the biggest disapointment so far in game for me also. i used to enjoy raiding forts and guerila camps in the previous games then leaving one man standing before leaving so i didn't take over the encampement and so they would respawn next time i returned to murder and maim in the name of freedom.

The Stealth in this game is not only nigh impossible to accomplish with enemy bases due to minor design oversights with the weapons (like not know distance of throwing shards and i they will reach your target and often the same with bows when you shoot and it just misses) but also lack of spots to hide effectivey which admitedy are there but the area is so hidden like the breakable secret enclaves and entranes for sneaky round-the-back style tactica advantages (which for soe is the only way to do it sneaky, i iterally had no idea i could break those walls and fallen trees and things till i was about a third way through the game ¨.¨ boy that shook me.and one near the start was only available through a side mission yet was still labelled as a unknown discoverable location. i spent a long old time trying to figure out why i couldn't get in before giving up and then being told to return to it laterin the game. For mushrooms or something.

I also seem to have no indication of whether or not I've completed a takeover steathily or not. i get 400-600-etc xp amounts randomly when i take them over but it says i earn more for steath takeovers.... but either theres not much in it xp-wise and therefore not really worth it or I'm failing everytime with no idea. either way its just easier to charge and bash with double club baddassery tactics and a sabretooth at your side.

I've also had so many issues with the slinging distraction stone mechanics... no idea where it lands or whther it worked or not OR the range and enemy count it affected in its surrounding hit zone.

I hope this is a being considered constructive as I had a lot of fath in this game to start with, it just feels like the move mechanics were taken straight out of a CoD game and although the story and map and interactables etc have al had a nice new repolish, the game itsef feels kind of rushed. I'm an apex apha caveman who can't walk up 25 degree slopes or climb a rock the size of small drum, i have a unique abiity to befriend and master the will of beasts which seems only usefu in a tight sqeeze or overwhelming odds (or when I'm feeing particuarly lazy and don't want to fight myself), i can craft all these things but using them and swtiching between and upgrading them all is more of a hassle than a perk of being the only one in the land abe to properly use them. im getting told to do more things than im being alowed to work out for myself and Where's my attitude? these vilagers walk all over my kindness towards their needs and I'm not even getting laid in my fur coated cave.

It's the little things in games that make it work for me. like being able to see down and behind me when im traversing down a sheer cliff.and bumping into smal hidden rocks and trees when riding beasts feels like im playing dodgems in an ATV..

Overall i love games like this that give the player use to freely roam and find a path in an order i choose. Eve if I'm limited to set amount of choices with little to no personal customisable options. I have yet to feel truly "savage at heart".

09-04-2018, 11:16 AM
This is a real issue.

The engine DOES have issues spawning in and out NPCs in the world.

I find a bigger problem is the enemies in the world will simply just disappear. I havenít had too many problems with enemies being spawned in randomly compromising my position. Although I am aware of enemies occasionally spawning randomly.