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03-04-2016, 11:38 AM
This thread is dedicated to creating new ideas for future Far Cry Primal DLC.

An idea that I've already created is an 'Aquatic' DLC Where Bitefish and Crocodiles are tameable but only using a different type of bait and only under certain circumstances. Other parts of the DLC would include 2 new materials, Seaweed and Bamboo. It would also include a wider range of aquatic creatures (e.g. Sharks, Sting-rays) It would also include another tribe called the Viragro (Subject to change) Which (After to talking to Tensay and completing a few missions) Will give you a new specialist. This specialists name would be Zarok (Subject to change). This new specialist would give you the ability to craft the new type of bait (The one that you'll need to tame the aquatic creatures) And after upgrading his hut he will able to let you craft new items like, an underwater saddle that allows you to ride certain types of Sharks. A Harpoon (A weapon that can only be used underwater). And a snorkel that allows you to breath for longer underwater. The specialist would also give you new perks such as, Longer underwater breath, faster Harpoon attack speed, Increased underwater movement speed e.t.c. (Developers feel free to modify anything if you choose to create this DLC). Along with the new tribe, items, and perks the DLC would also include a new 'Beast Master Hunt' for the Megaladon (which would be tameable and ridable). You would gain this hunt after completing quests from Jayma the Hunter and Zarok. The DLC would also expand the map, including more ocean areas.

If you have suggestions or other ideas for future DLC please leave them below!

03-06-2016, 05:58 PM
A shaman comes to the village, riding a golden mammoth. A sabretooth is riding next to him.
The shaman has come from far, he is beaten, bruised and only just barely breathing.

I come from other world, where I see other beasts. I hunted by my own people, they say I called evil spirits on them. The children dead, my family dead, my love disappear. You help.. I.. Gift for *passes out*
MISSION 1: Collect northern herbs, northern clay and turtle shells - finally some turtle hunting! - for the shaman.
You are sent on a quest north to find collectibles/loot to heal him. Where he comes from, there is no thing to heal him from the poison in his wounds.

Many thanks, I rest now..
Tomorrow I have message for you, wait for the next coming of moon.
MISSION 2: Wait.. Rest or something. Talk with your people on how to handle this.
Conversation options: a) fight with village bully- Markoosh?- to persuade him in accepting the shaman. b) use reason in a talking battle. c) kill everybody who is against you to show dominance.

After that first mission, he will send you to the map he came from (maybe a FC3-like map, more southern/tropical with some large birds, leftover dinosaurs like monitor lizards gigantic oxes, giraffes and huge flying insects etc.).

My land of water, my land destroyed by fire and men. Warriors come and take everything. Animals from the dark eat our children. Animals from sky - bats or insects - bite our women, they sick and die.
MISSION 3: Find the entry to the lost land of the shaman in the mountains.
Collectable loot would be something like: coconuts, bananas, cacti. And skins of course. Halfway up the mountain:

Find my land, tell people I alive. Tell spirits I no call, tell spirits they go back to sky, back to earth, back to water. Give this if you find my love, I cannot go, I weak.
MISSION 4: Go to the first village and talk with the village elders.

They inform you about the world they live in. The shaman stays here until you learn how to use the eagle. The village elders don't trust you until you bring back skins of sharks, birds, insects, lizards and stinging rays. You also meet a new, very interesting woman. - This is the stone age, everybody was allowed to do whatever they wanted -
You can tame a few new beasts here, like the large birds (ride) and special albino monitor lizards (you can ride the king monitor lizard that is harassing the 5th village and killing their children), maybe a swarm of dragon flies.

Village elders: Bad spirit hunt land, bad people called him. They disturb balance, they disrupt nature, they take more than need. World is dying. You prove good intentions with help.
SIDEQUEST: And of course the Giant turtle (imagine an island on the back of a turtle, aspidochelone. After a 'saving this island mission' (like the cutting loose of the bells in FC4) the island is released into the ocean, as a token of gratitude, you will receive a warturtle (pun intented) to help you cross the waters.

You have owl, owl is quiet but owl no strong. I have eagle, I teach you.
MISSION 5: Learn how to use the eagle and help the villagers reconquer their campfire on the nearby island.
Some areas of the map will contain parts where you have to swim from island to island. On one of these islands you find the wife/husband (husband would be funny) of the shaman, in a cave behind a waterfall. He'll send you on a quest to learn rapid bow firing (existed by then!) and eventually you will receive a crossbow (if they can make traps, build huts, bows, fires then building a crossbow would be a piece of cake).
MISSION 6: Find the shamans lost love.
MISSION 7: Bring the message of the love to the shaman in Oros.
MISSION 8: Go back to 'new world' and protect 'shaman love' until he/she reaches the entry camp of the new world.
MISSION 9: Find the King Monitor lizard on the plains of 'new world'.
MISSION 10: Bring the King monitor lizard to village X to show the people how awesome you are. And that you're speaking truth.
MISSION 11: Reclaim all outposts, campfires and talk to the village elders.
MISSION 12: Claim the last camp/outpost. At the end: Enter the cave to search for the lost shaman statue.
In the final camp (out of 10 or so? I really think the Primal map is too small) a shaman of your enemy will pull a yogi and regie on you; you will be send to the Udam to fight for them and conquer your own camp in the original map. After this psychadelic trip, you end up killing the pretty shaman-lady from your camp (like FC3). The new shaman will have to calm your people and explain what happened, to do this, he needs a bucketload of mushrooms from the Giant insect forest in the new world. The lady from the new world camp will replace the killed shaman lady from your own camp.

After the final mission, the golden (adult) mammoth will be released in Oros, for you to hunt, ride or to just let it be. Afterwards you will also be able to call the shaman instead of your pet, he fights like markoosh and he has an eagle to help him do so. If the shaman dies, you'll have to wait 5 minutes for him to respawn.

I can write an entire, emotionally loaden, story around this if you wanted me to, but this is what I would like to see in addition to the original game. I have a feeling it misses some immersive storylines that make me really want to complete quests (other than to upgrade my own stuff).

03-06-2016, 08:03 PM
I totally loved the vision of fire mission.

krati, do not touch!
no, do not toucht the krati, do not touch the krati!!!!

How awesome would be a continuation of that vision into a full new universe of izilla fighting theme with all new magic, including the power of krati.

03-22-2016, 08:46 PM
I would love to tame more *Special existing types. Most of the fun has been hunting for the *Specials. Maybe just add a Special Leopard, a Lion or Liger, A trainable Ape or monkey. a Human companion say of a different tribe who hunts and follows you.

04-01-2016, 08:36 PM
A shaman comes to the village, riding a golden mammoth. A sabretooth is riding next to him.
The shaman has come from far, he is beaten, bruised and only just barely breathing.....

Wow, you put a lot of effort in that idea :)

I would love to have in more village upgrades (towers etc. because enemies and beasts start attacking the little nice wenja village).
A way to create an ancentstry by marrying some wenja girl. Villagers can populate more and the village become bigger.
A quest were we get the hunter back after she left.
A quest to kill anoyying urki :P
Multiplayer were you can team up with for wenja and fight against udam or izila.
And more...