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03-01-2016, 08:11 AM
Uplay has been out for quite some time and I went to it to check out the price and what not of "The Division". Search doesn't work, content seems to be non existent other then a few games. Pathing on site seems to be very linear at best. Try clicking on the TOM CLANCY genre and the only thing there are one series of really old games. I got to say that I have been around for the start of all of these sites including Steam when it first went public and yours is by far the most unimpressive. Even MS kicked your butt with their many flaws and that was when it first started. You have had Uplay online for some time now and this is pathetic. I don't advocate firing anyone but maybe send your Uplay design team to check out Steam, Origin, Battlenet. MY.com or even MS's store as they seem pretty clueless on how an online store should work.

I would say get your deal back with Valve, they know how to do things right.