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I would like to start off by saying that the primary purpose of this post is not to arouse any political sentiments and that I give credit to my favorite artist Jason Kang for coming up with this brilliant idea.


Korea is a country that suffered countless foreign invasions, including that of Japan, various Chinese empires, Mongolia, and clans that thrived in the current Manchurian region.

Every single time, the Koreans fought bravely to protect their country, culture, and legacy, and it was not until the Japanese occupation of the nation (1910 ~1945) that the peninsula was ever completely taken over by a foreign power. Courage and solidarity proved to be too weak against the Japanese imperialist army with its military superiority.

Although it is not widely known, Korea, or to be more precise, Chosun (the last Korean dynasty that lasted until the Japanese occupation) experienced a massive uprising against its incompetent, corrupt, and oppressive monarchy. Started in 1894, the Tonghak Peasant Revolution, an armed rebellion/political upheaval led by aggravated peasants, won the fruitful victory of freedom and fair wealth distribution system for a brief period. The frightened government asked the Qing Dynasty for help, and this leads to the 1st Sino-Japanese war, the battle between China and Japan over the Korean peninsula. Japan's victory in both the Sino-Japanese war and the following Russo-Japanese war grants the imperialist government the Korean peninsula.

The Japanese imperialist government stripped the Korean people of their political and rights, while forcing the children to learn Japanese customs and despise independence activists. The army raped women, forced them into sexual slavery, captured and tortured independence activists.

This is where the main character comes in, a female assassin who bears the legacy of the Tonghak Revolution, with her father having participated in it.


Main character, Arang

"My story starts by showing how the main character, Arang, and her sister are forced into becoming comfort women by the Japanese and are sent to the battle camps stationed in China with hundreds of other kidnapped women during the Second Sino-Japanese War. Arang and her sister try to escape and although she does her best to protect her, her sister is killed by the pursuing soldiers. Arang is then rescued by the brotherhood of Assassin's in Manchuria and through difficult training, she gains all the skills she needs to help liberate Korea from Japanese rule," Jason Kang wrote on his blog.

The historical accuracy is beautiful here. The Korean independence army actually fought in Manchuria against the Japanese in its attempt to take over the region during the second Sino-Japanese war. And speaking of beautiful...


The death of Arang's sister


Arang's training in Manchuria


Arang's transformation

There is a LOT of room for Arang's adventures in the actual timeline of Korea's independence movement. The most exciting part is how well it fits the Assassins vs. Templars narrative of the AC universe. Ahn Joong-Geun, one of Korea's most beloved public philosopher/activist, assassinated Ito Hirobumi in Haerbin in order to stop his scheme of annexing Korea in 1909, just a year before its annexation. As part of his pledge to kill Ito, Ahn cut off the last joint of his ring finger, which would perfectly fit the Assassins' way of showing commitment to the allegiance and the initial requirement for using the hidden blade.


Ahn Joong Geun and his hand stamp. If you don't believe me, look him up!

Korea's independence movement continued until it's freedom in 1945 with the end of WWII. The movement flourished with series of nonviolent protests, including the March 1st movement, while many resorted to assassinations of high profile Japanese military figures.


^Korea's 3.1 Movement

There is simply a lot of substance in this. Obviously the current government of Japan does not stand for its imperialist past so I don't see this being a political controversy.
This would be a great way to introduce Korean traditional architecture, cultural artifacts, customs, and history to the players.


More drawings of Jason Kang's to fuel your imagination!



^different assassin outfits.


^soldier, police guard, resistance fighter


^Arang showing off her moves in a battle against the military police.

This would also be a cool change to the AC player interface, including new counter attack moves that involves more footwork, smoother and speedier transition between moves and new weapons. It would be a pleasant change to implement.

Last but not least, the timeline of events in Korean history, including Hideyoshi's invasion of Korea in the late 16th century and the current military standoff between South Korea and North Korea makes it very easy for Ubisoft to relate it to the Assassin/Templar binary. You can think of North Korea as being under heavy influence of the Templars, mentioning Kim Jong-Un's WMD developments, use of propaganda to brainwash their people, taking away freedom of speech, etc, while South Korea has flourished economically over the last few decades and attained democracy.

Visit Jason Kang's blog for more information and pictures (click on this link: http://artofjasonkang.blogspot.com/2012/11/assassins-creed-land-of-morning-calm.html), and make sure to comment on this thread if you like the idea. Let's make this happen guys, I think this would be a really good one.

Some pictures of Korean traditional architecture to draw out the setting:



http://cache1.asset-cache.net/gc/185733584-south-korea-seoul-gangnam-district-bongeunsa-gettyimages.jpg?v=1&c=IWSAsset&k=2&d=4sd5z7FS58xwRUeI%2BtD4EypUtxQ4xbNkI1GiyoOYTmJCuu N9jCllEAy0UrLln5yo


Korea of today:



P.S. I would really appreciate it if you guys didn't comment anything political or offensive. I personally really like Japan: I took Japanese during my freshman year at college, homestayed in Tokyo, and I absolutely loved the people there. They were very understanding of others and remorseful of what happened during WWII. This setting is historical. This should be only as problematic as AC 3, the American revolution against Great Britain.... so not problematic at all. :)

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Like I said in the previous thread:

Not a fan of XX century settings, but Joseon Korea would be nice.

It could actually deal with the Japanese invasion of 1592.

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What about Lee Ji-eun (or simply known as IU) in Assassin's Creed Korea? https://pm1.narvii.com/7254/d64eb7c2425a1e8534dc2e8fcc54877dd9de76e7r1-720-687v2_hq.jpg

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Good posts and pictures....but I think Ubisoft shouldn't do this! It will create negativity towards Japan. Ubisoft shouldn't incite nations against nations.

And sorry that North Korea is not flourishing like South! To flourish under harsh sanctions is not so easy like under preferential treatment, isn't it?!

At least they are not working 14 hours a day like in the South.


But country developing also.......

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There is Assassin's Creed China already.

06-14-2020, 08:38 AM
There is Assassin's Creed China already. Well... Korea and China is different country. Don't worry, it is not embarassing to not know about the obvious common knowledge, I aint judging