View Full Version : Far Cry 2 Fortunes Edition on Uplay? EU? Steam Key activation?

02-26-2016, 03:31 PM

I have the game already several times.
Once as old 2008 Collectors Edition and another time as Fotunes Edition on Steam.
I wanted to have the game in Uplay aswell now. So I just tried to activate the Steam key on Uplay but without any luck...
Can I get a Uplay working key? I can give proof for the purchase on Steam aswell.
I wouldnt even mind it that much to buy it again here but for some odd reason the Fotunes Edition is not available for me.
I only see the standard game variant in the store. The US American store seems to have the Fortunes Edition though.
Is it not named like that in the EU store or do we really only have the standard variant?

Just preordered the Far Cry Primal collectors edition for PC. Cant await it! I love Far Cry!
Im replaying them already for quite some time! And now its time for Far Cry 2. Old but gold, even if some people seem to outright hate the game. ^^

Thanks for every help.

02-27-2016, 02:13 AM
Just noticed that there is a "hidden" Far Cry Legacy Subforum. Maybe some mod can move the thread to its proper place...