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Shark Sniper4
02-25-2016, 08:10 PM

I just want to start by saying I really love the entire Far Cry series and have gobbled up everything that relates to the franchise. My head is still spinning from the amount of fun I had playing Far Cry 3 and Far Cry 4. With that being said I'm only about 6 hours into Primal and already love it.

My thought is that at the current moment the weapon selection seems a bit limited and I was hoping to add a couple suggestions that could be added on with new content. First and foremost, I am a bit shocked to see that there is no Atlatl in the game as this was KEY paleo-era weapon. This would be a blast to use in the game as a long distance spear or even as a short distance dart. Do your research on the atlatl and I'm sure there will be a pile of ways you could think of using it in game and add it to Takkar's repertoire. Secondly, it would also be wonderful to see the use of bolas, as these were also key and very simple weapons for tangling up prey or enemies and it would be pretty easy to make some of these disposable throwing weapons with some stones and cordage.

Just my thoughts so hopefully you will consider them! What does everyone else think?

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