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02-25-2016, 06:32 PM
It's Thursday and we know what you're looking for, riders.

A fresh new 10 track drop in the Community Recommended feed? You got it.

This week we tasked world record rider NSPIVenomz to rattle off 10 top tracks recently uploaded to the cross platform Track Central.

These tracks are all high quality and a ton of fun, but let's hear from Venomz himself on what went into his picks this week in Community Recommended.


The theme of my picks is all about speedrun speedrun speedrun! Ranging from Medium to Extreme difficulty, this list really is the essence of speedrunning showcasing all the different techniques possible in Trials Fusion while showing just how realistic environments can be built in this game! With little-to-no tire glitches present in any of these tracks, you can practice and enjoy a session of flawless and luck-free Trials gameplay to find you have improved in just a small period of time.

Blackened (Pit Viper, Hard) by ConfusedMuscles

A great display of many techniques present in all of the checkpoints throughout this map while going uphill for the majority giving a really nice track to practice techniques in tough situations.

Climate Disorder (Pit Viper, Extreme) by ConfusedMuscles

A beautifully built track with a great mix of many speedrun technique providing a brilliant track to practice your speedrun skills!

Cyber City (Pit Viper, Medium) by SwampBalls

I picked this track as it is just a flawless speedrun line, besides being high up in a city giving an amazing visual while playing, the line is just very satisfying when done correctly.

Dehumanized (Pit Viper, Hard) by EvelForknspokes

From admiring the background to enjoying the speedrun line which is very flowy this track just gives you that great feeling when you get a perfect run!

Intoxication (Pit Viper, Hard) by ConfusedMuscles

From the first bunny hop to the last this track is filled with technical obstacles; with many speed traps throughout, this map provides a brilliant training ground for improving very fine bike control.

Mumra (Pit Viper, Medium) by JamaicanX

This track was one of the biggest pleasures to play I've had on Trials Fusion, from the breath taking view to the brilliant line, this track deserves a lot more credit than it has been given.

-OF- The Reaping (Roach, Medium) by ObsceneFreak

I'm someone who is a huge fan of Roach speedrun tracks that doesn't consist only of huge jumps, this line provides a solid Roach speedrun line while keeping the track very technical.

Primus (Pit Viper, Extreme) by IXI Satch IXI

This track is very simple and made purely out of prime object, yet it is one of the most impressive and challenging speedrun lines I've played on Trials Fusion.

Rigged (Pit Viper, Hard) by II ManOnFire II

I enjoyed playing this track as it has a style to it which I love and I think it is a perfect example of what Trials is all about.

RTC Foundry (Pit Viper, Hard) by II KATIN II

This track is filled with 'feel-good' timesavers especially the last checkpoint; making this one of the hardest tracks on this list to correctly speedrun even though it's a fairly short track.

There you have it riders!

Why are you still reading?

No seriously.

Get out there and check out the Community Recommended feed!