View Full Version : Better gear types needed

02-24-2016, 01:56 AM
Ubisoft the load carrying vests and packs suck, Please Add Plate Carriers such as Eagle, Crye, and so on, and please add helmets such as Ops core, and Team Wendy. Also the clothing needs expanded to include combat uniforms by Crye and Patagonia.

02-24-2016, 11:57 PM
Another thing that I have been wanting to get out to Ubisoft for is to not make it too similar to Destiny. I participated in the open beta, and I found so many similarities between the two games, and other games as well. But first, let me talk about the rarity system.

Going into the Destiny beta, all seemed fine until the game was released and it was all a complete let down. Sure it was supposed to be multiplayer-oriented, but that's no excuse to making a story so recluse and lazy. The Division has surprised me, and actually brought players many things to do in the Beta. Although I fear that this may be most of what they will offer in the full game. The rarity system should NOT be like Destiny. Bungie completely screwed up with exotics in Destiny, almost making some very common for every player. There was no reward to getting such praised loot. This game should have a system that, where rarity, matters. And in The Division Beta so far, that was partly displayed. Apart from the fact that players could buy exotic loot from the safe house vendor in the Dark Zone, I think they did well with the drops of the enemies. Chests have moderate to rare weapons, and bosses/elites have the loot that players expect them to have. I'm really into this game, and I hope that Ubisoft can pull through with this. (No offense Ubisoft, but previous games released under your name haven't been up to full potential, according to fan bases that I've come across)

The next thing I want to talk about is the replayability. Not sure if this is one of the things that IGN talks about a lot, but it sure seems like they might. After we finish all the missions in the game, visit the Dark Zone and get that sweet setup that we have been yearning for, what is left to do? I can't think of anything. Hopefully the full game will announce different options. It would be really cool if there wasn't JUST the dark zone for PvP, maybe like a matchmaking PvP, a generic type of multiplayer. It could almost relate to the PvP in the Last of Us, which wasn't talked about all that much, but could be a slight bit similar.

That's all I got for now, I will be continually checking the progress of the developers on this game, and I am super excited for the release!!!

03-08-2016, 06:00 AM
Also please get rid of the ******ed drop leg holster. At least give us some quality safariland mid ride composite, holsters, or some high quality kydex plate carrier holster. Drop legs are so 1989, and they are totally impractical