View Full Version : I need help. Serious achievement issue. Nobody will help me.

02-23-2016, 05:33 PM
I spent hundreds of hours over the last several weeks working on completing the achievements in Tetris Ultimate. I played briefly at launch, then for a bit last year. I had three achievements left when I started playing again at the beginning of January.

There are 12 achievements and each requires completing three badges. Each badge is essentially a mini-achievement. Complete the three badges associated with an achievement and the achievement pops.

I was able to complete the first missing achievement (which needed one more completed badge) when I finished Sprint mode in under 60 seconds back on Jan 20. The badge and achievement popped up immediately.

The second remaining achievement popped when I cleared a total of 15,000 Tetrises on Jan 25. The requisite badge and achievement again popped up immediately.

The last achievement is ridiculous. An utter farce. I had to get a 20 combo (which is ridiculously hard and luck-based) and clear a total of 100,000 lines in online play (which is an INSANE grind). I got the 20 combo on Feb 1 (the badge popped immediately when I finally did it) and have been grinding lines in online play like a madman for what seems like an eternity. I completed the 100k lines badge on Wednesday Feb 10 at around 2:30 PM EST (the badge popped up on the screen notifying me), but, of course, the associated final achievement didn't pop.

The game shows me as having completed all 12 achievements and all 36 badges: http://i.imgur.com/dhc0o2F.png

It's been 13 days since I met the requirements for that final achievement and it still hasn't been awarded.

I've done all of the "basic" xbox troubleshooting. I've tried removing my profile and re-downloading it, deleting and reinstalling the game, deleting the local save file, playing various modes briefly to see if that will trigger something, and nothing happens. I have called Xbox support several times and have been unable to get any real help. I spent an hour on the phone with a representative with Ubisoft who did some more "advanced" troubleshooting, including reviewing screenshots of various stats and such, and he ultimately determined that the issue was on the Xbox end and not something he could help me with. A recent call with xbox support involved a reluctant escalation and after almost two hours of going in circles, I was told to post in their forums for help and that I'd receive a phone call back in 72 hours with an update. I knew no such phone call would happen and I was right- the call was set for sometime Friday and it never came. Xbox now says that the issue is not ontheir end so I'm looking for help elsewhere. I don't know what else to do.

I am not willing to delete my save file completely and complete this absurd achievement again. As far as I can tell, only one other person (One person. ONE!!) has this achievement because it's an absolute nightmare. And even if I was willing to devote another 75 or so hours in online mode (which is an absolute wasteland, by the way) for the 100,000 online lines, I could honestly play for another hundred or more hours trying for the 20 combo and not get it. It requires a ton of luck. Even though I'm an obsessive completionist, this is simply too much. Especially considering I could go through all that effort and end up having the achievement not be awarded a second time.

I don't know what else to do. I worked so hard to complete this game and the prospect of never getting the achievement is heartbreaking.