View Full Version : Is ForHonor the new ACMP (servers/support)

02-22-2016, 03:13 PM

I would like to know if anyone around here has any info on this game servers status?
I was in the [closed alpha] and idk if i can discuss anything but i did post to devs about it since i'm experienced with such games (5 years competitive player in Assassin's creed) and was close to its devs, whole community died in the that game cuz the lack of game support, community support, very bad servers for such timing critical game, so now i'm very careful about diving in a game and especially ubi one without knowing it will have the dedicated servers, it is 2016!.

Everyone to their own but i know that i won't do the same mistake twice, yes i can buy it, play it for a little while but to waste same time i did on their previsous multiplayer within the assassin's creed franchise then no cuz eventually it will die.

Anyway, if anyone has outside information regarding this then please let us know, in my closed alpha discussion we didn't get a reply from devs but hopefully they will be more open about it.