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02-22-2016, 01:55 PM
AC Syndicate was my first go at this series. I can't tell you how excited I was to play it, only to be stopped in my tracks multiple times.. The glitches (although annoying) I could deal with. What I couldn't handle was all of the "bloom effects" (as I am told they are called). I get you wanting to make your games look better, but these type of effects DO NOT make you play the game better, and for people like me, we can't even watch someone else play (let alone try to play the game) it's so hard on the eyes, causing headaches, dizziness, and more!

I, finally, just had to call it quits because of the effects on my eyes, and equilibrium. Just trying to play a few sequences had a major effect on my well being and took a couple of days for it to completely go away!

I beg of you to at least offer the choice to turn these effects off!!!!! I know this can be done, as I've seen it in other games and was able to use it and go on and enjoy the game(s) You make great games, but something like this should be make a 'CHOICE" if it's just for visual effects.

Hoping you'll listen and do something about it

02-23-2016, 03:54 PM
Did it really have that bad effect on you, have you consulted a doctor?
Syndicate did have a health warning at the beginning, but it disappeared quicker than I could read it :rolleyes: So perhaps it was about this.

02-23-2016, 04:14 PM
good luck with that, mean while if you have spare time read this

Patch 1.4 out and still no option to turn off motion blur

i'm done with ubisoft.. cant get anything done if said in a positive manner, cant get anything noticed if too negative,

Absolutely no one from Ubisoft Support answers my ticket, and those who do close my ticket saying "we'll let them know" and yet never been addressed in the updates

Title, i grow tired of waiting for the next update for the game, i made countless ubisoft support tickets and forum threads, and while people agree that they need it, devs seems to turn a blind eye for this request. i refuse to play this game until this is implemented since some of the game's missions involves horse carriage riding, it's just makes me sick riding those carriages with motion blur.

Community Representative @UbiLangfora did respond this 2 updates ago, but was never addressed in the last 2 updates

I've let the dev team know about the feedback about the motion blur. You can also send a ticket to Ubisoft support about the motion blur so that they will also be more aware of it. They may possibly be able to give you a way to deal with the issue as well.

support.ubi.com (https://support.ubi.com)



Yah it would be great to have such option.

here are some of other people's comments on the subject, it's not just me incase you are wondering.

Even without the nauseating motion sickness many suffer from, it can be an annoying eye strain and/or just plain ugly looking to some. Not to mention that it often adversely affects frame rates.

Most games that use motion blur use it too heavily as well. Plus any blur you see while moving in real life is much more natural looking and easier on the eyes.

Please for god's sake I get sick of the motion blur when I wanna ride carriages. It's really annoying and isn't even real. Please at least let us have the option to turn it off.
I don't know why there isn't an option for that!

Yes i definitely would like the option to turn of the motion blurring effect when driving in game to , i find it very distracting and quite hard on the eyes too , diving the carriages isn't much fun with this effect

i too would like an option to turn it off.
adding the "MotionBlur=0" to the AC.ini file dont seem to work.

im still unsure about how important bloom is for the game to look good (i tried with it on and off)
im thinking about trying to play with bloom off but dont want to lose out on a good looking game by having that off

I despise motion blur, It looks absolutely horrible.

90% of PC players hate motion blur, not sure why its used in games, its really annoying, eye strain and gives motion sickness, to be honest its not a cool effect, gaming industries should really move away from this effect.

This is what I don't get.... Motion blur in real life caused by the inability of our eyes to fixate, focus upon, and process the rapid movement of images at once; not some magic filter the laws of physics apply. If motion blur when you're going fast is realistic, that is, true to life, then why does there need to be a setting for it? If everything moves very quickly on your computer screen, then once it hits a certain threshold, it will appear to blur because our eyes aren't able to fixate quickly enough.... Just as anything else does in real life. Why make this happen sooner and manually with a digital setting??