View Full Version : Achievement for Sequence 8 not unlocked, trophy unlock now stuck at 98%

02-21-2016, 06:40 PM

I've made may way through AC Syndicate and I have also unlocked all achievements possible, which was a hell lot of time. Just after completing "Without a Grudge" I realized that for whatever reason trophy "The Joys of Freedom" is still locked!

I have now replayed the last part 2 times and tried to fulfill everything that I can imagine but still no luck.

I am getting desperate as I was working towards my second platinum trophy ever and I am stuck now at 98% just because of a messy bug.

So please, if anyone can help, I would be very grateful.

Thanks a lot in advance!


EDIT: Just found the reason - I have changed the HDD BEFORE the trophies have been fully synchronized! Luckily I had the HDD still with me, so putting it back one more time and let it synchronize did the job!

So no messy bug, a simple user error!