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02-20-2016, 11:08 PM
"On this battlefield called Fate, we stand as kinsmen of steel. Soldiers under the banner soaked in blood and wind and fire. Before these ramparts rest the eyes of those demons whom wish our stone and steel torn asunder. Let us show them how feeble their hopes are before the unyielding might of our faith."

"With the strength of our hearts adamant and true, we shall march the enemy right back to the lands they came from, and crush them as they tried to crush us! NOW...raise your blades high, and steel yourselves in this moment. Under a blue sky, or thousand stars, the dawn will break unto our bellowing. And they will know! OUR FAITH WILL NEVER FALTER! AND WITH EVERY FALLEN BLADE, ANOTHER SHALL RISE!"

Guild name: House of the Rising Blade (HOTRIB)

Crest: A sword thrust towards the sky.

Platform: PS4

Faction: Knights (the Legions)

Guild leader: Sir Punkin aka Capn Punkin. Titles include The Hallow-Knight, and the Duke of Pie. Distinguishing marks include the elephant tusk shaped horns adorning his helm and a bright orange tassel drapped down the back, as well as a clownfish pattern cape adorned with a white collar. His tabbard flies the colors orange and purple. His presence is said to cause his enemies bad luck in the same way a mirror reflects an image, casting ill fortune away onto the enemy. Superstition aside, he wields a longsword refusing to use a shield and favors thrust strikes and pommel bashes, dedicated to mastery of sword techniques that most consider silly. In his own words he says "The blade is but one tool, while you are a thousand." He has a tendancy to relate people to animals and objects, and takes a metaphoric standpoint on the battlefield. Sir Punkin while his name is quite comical, seems to enjoy the company of his enemies as much as that of his friends.

His fighting style is highly defensive and stead fast, Sir Punkin is a stubborn man unfaltered by numbers, he sees three opponents as a challenge but a forth will force him to retreat. Battle drunk as he is, the hallow-knight is no fool.

If you'd like to join the House of the Rising Blade(HOTRIB for short, lol) tell a little about your character such as what you hope their appearance in-game will be, and a little personality or backstory to go with them.

02-23-2016, 08:17 PM
Ha, I'd like to see you try to hold back Winter itself, for that is what we will bring to you. A cold, meaningless death oh legions of kitchenware. Your guts will be spilled upon the frozen ground and your skulls will serve as our new ale mugs. So run and hide behind your walls, while the wolves wait outside. You can hope all you want that we won't break down your gates, but sooner or later the wolves will get in and you will die like the sheep you are!

(Yo, how ya doin? Nice to see other groups starting up lol. The threats there are all in character, we can be civil OOC XD)

02-24-2016, 03:14 AM
"HAH! Of coarse you know, the dog whom barks loudest, does so because he has the weakest bite! What are the claws of a Wolf to the hide of a Dragon!"

(This caught me off guard, a little Roleplaying to work the mind. Good thing I have some free time today from my Youtube channel or I might've missed this.)