View Full Version : I really wish the SKILL TREE was more interesting

02-20-2016, 01:13 AM
I'm really excited for this game, I think that's why I'm equally critical of it, because its one of those scenarios where you see something and just wish it could have been pushed that little bit further towards greatness.

One of these things for me is the SKILL TREE. I have a few problems with the SKILL TREE which I will highlight.

Check for yourself - http://youtu.be/S3GtUrrdeFw

When you actually look at what's there, it really isn't anything that exciting unfortunately. Take a proper look at the skill tree and you will realise that the majority of it is actually boring crap like either,

1) simple gameplay buffs. For example,
'heal whilst sprinting',
'sprint for longer'
'make more of X for less'
'take less damage from X'
'Reload faster'
'Swap weapons faster' etc.

2) or exactly the same abilities as previous FAR CRY games only now behind an unlock!!
Seriously, SPRINT and SPRINT SLIDE for example now have to be unlocked! These were previously core abilities that didn't need to be unlocked but you had from the beginning of the game.

Overall it doesn't amount to a very interesting SKILL TREE. It's disappointing.

Because when you contrast this with other games, such as DYING LIGHT - the difference is clear. Not only has Dying Light a very generous large set of skill trees, but a lot of what can be unlocked actually amounts to new gameplay!! New moves, mechanics, and features that offer new ways to play the game!

02-20-2016, 07:02 AM
I also don't like when there is linearity to the order in which you can unlock abilities... I like being able to prioritize the order in which I unlock things... I'd honestly rather have fewer skills that actually add variation to the gameplay & that I can unlock in the order i choose than just a BUNCH of skills, many of which I wouldn't choose if i wasn't trying to get to a skill gated behind a more trivial skill...