View Full Version : Same Bugs from Closed Beta w/ GTX 770

02-19-2016, 03:49 PM
I made a post about this during the Closed Beta and I get the exact same error(s) during the Open Beta.


The following Event Log error(s):




My problem -

[From Closed Beta - Same as Open Beta] Was playing the beta earlier today without a hitch. Played for a few hours with a friend, no problems. Close the game and come back to it a hour or so later. Now whenever I leave the camp: a few seconds to a minute afterwards the game will freeze. The music is still playing normally and I can hear people around me but everything else is locked. Finally I get this error and the game crashes to the desktop.

PC Specs -

i7 3770k @ 3.5
GTX 770 SC 2GB w/ driver version 361.91, fresh install
16 GB Ram
Windows 10 64 bit Home Edition, latest build

My Troubleshooting So Far -

Rolling back to a previous driver, 361.43, fresh install.
Changing all the settings around, lowest to highest.
Verifying files, verified without a problem.
Rebooted multiple times.
Played other games without a problem: Planetside 2, Diablo 3, Black Ops 3.
Created the registry file TdrDelay set to 8.
Ran in compatibility mode (Windows 7) and ran as administrator.

If anyone has any advice or other troubleshooting tips I'd appreciate it.