View Full Version : Add/Learn all spells (or add/learn selected spell) cheat function

02-19-2016, 02:32 PM
Dear Ubi!

You have implemented cheating to M&MHVII wich is great fun after you have played a lot. In patch 1.7 you added modify week function aswell, wich is also good, altough it does not work atm. What I would desperately need is a function to add spells for my heroes to learn, so after playing a long hard map, getting many magic skills I could use all the spells from that school, or learn my level 4 spell that I could not.

In short:

I wish for an option in the cheat window to learn specific spells, that I have enough Arcane knowledge to do so

Please Ubi, consider my wish, as it would make me a very happy person :) :)

Thank you!! :)